2021 Opening Weekend of Bow Hunting in Kentucky

We’re back in Kentucky for our annual week long stay at Salt River Outfitters for the opening weekend of whitetail bow season! One of the things we love about returning to Salt River Outfitters is the community that has formed around velvet week. Often times we’ll see the same guests around camp and we’ve had the great fortune to form life long friendships with these folks. To learn more about Salt River Outfitters and book your very own hunt with them, visit worldwidetrophyadventures.com!

Before we head out to the field, we’ll take a look at how the team will be navigating the vast stretches of terrain here in Kentucky by using Yamaha Side-By-Side vehicles. As Steve will tell us, “Realistically, what someone can expect when they get a Side-By-Side is not having to buy another Side-By-Side for a really long time.” Yamaha stands behind their guarantee for capability, comfort, and confidence. Head on over to yamahaoutdoors.com to shop the full lineup of Side-By-Side vehicles!

It’s opening day of bow season, and we’re heading out to the field with Steve Nessl to an area he knows is loaded with great Kentucky bucks. He’s not in the tree stand for very long before a doe appears, followed by two decently sized bucks. Not much more time passes before an absolute giant of a Kentucky velvet whitetail emerges along the tree line in front of him. Tune in and see how this heart-pounding encounter unravels!

Up next, we’re hitting the field with Wade Middleton on day two of opening weekend. It doesn’t take long before Wade is surrounded by a large group of bachelor bucks, and we mean, surrounded. Left and right it’s a smorgasbord of deer, and once Wade finally sets his sights on the one he wants, it’s game on. The arrow flew and was a clean pass through, and yet, that tough deer did not want to go down. To show the deer the respect it deserves, he backed out for the night and decided to come back the next morning. Tune in and see if Wade will recover this deer, or if he’ll go down as, “the one who got away.”

To round out our Kentucky trip, we’re heading out to the field with the bow hunting, “newbie,” of the group, Scott Newby. For months leading up to this day Scott has practiced shooting his bow at home, and spent even more time dialing it in here at camp before the season officially kicked off, and now, his moment has finally arrived. On day one, a huge velvet buck appeared and earned himself the name, “Hook,” thanks to a wayward tine. Find out if Scott ends up bringing home this unique buck of a lifetime!