A Melting Pot Of Hunting And Fishing

This week on Americana Outdoors, We’re blending our two favorite pastimes and bringing you the whole outdoors experience as we spend time catchin’ big ones on Choke Canyon with the Secret Lures Swim Jig, and later, venturing deep into the woods for two exciting hunts using TenPoint Crossbows’ Nitro XRT and the Thompson/Center Compass 6.5 Creedmoor rifle!

To kick things off, we’re joining Wade Middleton at Choke Canyon Reservoir where he’s throwing a Secret Lures Swim Jig in some rather cloudy conditions.  Swim jigs are a great bait for covering lots of water, you can impart a lot of action on them, and they’re great for generating strikes and showing you where the fish are in the water. The Secret Lures MVP Swim Jig is available in three different sizes, with a multitude of weight variations, which allows you to switch up your presentation styles. The sizes include the North version, which is 1/4oz with a 5/0 Medium Mustad Hook, The South – A 3/8oz with a 4/0 Heavy Mustad Hook, and the HD, which is a 1/2oz with a 5/0 Saltwater Hook. Each of the sizes are designed with lifelike features and come in a plethora of skirt colors. As Wade will say, “Swim jig fishing will actually wear your arms out a little bit because you’re imparting a lot of action on the bait, and you really have to let the fish tell you what’s going on, but once they do, that bite on a swim jig is one of the most exciting bites you can have.” Tune in and see how the Secret Lures Swim Jig performs on the water today!

Next up, it’s early November here in South Texas and we’re welcoming Professional UFC fighter TJ Dillashaw to his first experience at camp! For his hunt, he’ll be taking the TenPoint Nitro XRT out to the field with the hopes of bringing home his first whitetail buck! Not only will this hunt mark his first chance at snagging a whitetail, this is also his debut with crossbow hunting! Having recently undergone double shoulder surgery, the ability to use a crossbow allows him to not have to miss out on this years archery season. During his first sit in the morning, he sees a ton of action and upwards of twenty five deer, but none that were shooters and none that gave up any good shot opportunities. After heading back to camp to reorganize and come up with a new gameplan, he sets back out in the afternoon to set up in a tree stand in an area that we have notoriously seen lots of deer action in the past. It’s not long before a great buck makes an appearance, and TJ gets an opportunity to put the TenPoint Nitro XRT to work!

Lastly, we’re catching up with Kevin Giesecke, who will be switching it up from his usual role with us and taking on the job of hunting, and manning the camera! It’s mid October, and we’re looking for two bucks who are still in velvet. For today’s hunt, Kevin will be using the Thompson Center Compass® 6.5 Creedmoor, a powerful and reliable rifle that we’ve seen carry out many successful shots in the past. Kevin will also be taking full advantage of the Yamaha Wolverine X2 to make the trek out to the Muddy Box Blind where he’ll be setting up for this evening. Once he’s settled in, he’s treated to sightings of various deer, and a few good hard horned deer, none of which are the two we’re on the lookout for, however. After biding his time a while longer, one of these velvety deer finally makes his appearance. All that’s left is to make a good shot placement and call it a night!

As we wrap up today’s show, we reflect on what it means to have an undying passion and appreciation for hunting and fishing.  Whether you’re in the middle of a lake listening to the sounds of zipping lines and water sloshing against your boat, or sitting in a pop up blind with nothing but the soft chirping of birds in the distance, being one with nature can bring about a sense of serenity like none other, and we encourage you to never miss an opportunity to go outside and enjoy this beautiful world and all it has to offer!