A Rundown on HiViz Shooting Systems

We’re exploring the use of sights on your firearms on the range and in the field with Hi Viz Shooting Systems! HiViz was established in 1996, and over the course of their more than twenty years in business, they always had a vision to improve the sport of shooting, and their innovative product line has cemented them as leaders in designing superior sights for the firearm industry. To kick things off, we’ll hear from Trevor Young and Lanny Barnes of HiViz Shooting Systems and all of the benefits of choosing HiViz sights for your shooting needs. As Trevor will tell us, HiViz makes fiber optic and tritium sights for handguns, shotguns, and rifles, and offer an incredibly broad selection of products, with the intention to, “Increase your shooting success and experience, and just hopefully make you a better shooter and have more fun at your shooting, no matter what you do. Whether it’s competition, hunting, or just recreational shooting.” – Trevor Young. We will also be treated to a first hand testimony of success with one of HiViz’s most popular sights, the LiteWave H3® Tritium LitePipe, from none other than professional competition shooter and holder of numerous world records, Jerry Miculek. Up next, we’re meeting up with Trevor at the 2020 Shot Show, where he introduces three new sights available on the market this year. First up, we’ll see the all new HiViz LiteWave H3® Express Tritium/Litepipe Sight Set, which gives shooters fast target acquisition with a more natural feel. Up next is the HiViz LiteWave H3® CompSight®, which combines tritium and fiber optic, giving hunters in low light settings pristine sighting ability. Lastly, we’re introducing the S&W Revolver Rear Sight, designed with Smith and Wesson hardware, allowing it to work like a factory sight, but taking your shooting experience above and beyond.