A Weekend Getaway at Port Aransas Texas

We’re taking a look back on some trips we’ve taken to one of our favorite Gulf Coast hot spots, Port Aransas, Texas and its surrounding areas! Port Aransas is known for its sprawling shore lines, year-round outdoor activities, and unlimited options when it comes to dining on some of the best freshly caught seafood. From sport fishing, parasailing, and dolphin watching, to taking a stroll through the streets and visiting all of the local shops, galleries, and restaurants, Port Aransas boasts the island life and is one of the only tourist destinations that has something for everyone!

On this throwback we’re revisiting when Wade Middleton and Clark Wendlandt took their wives out to the coast for a relaxing weekend getaway and good times on the water. After loading up on their baits and getting all of their lines tined, they jetted out across the water to kick off the first day of their vacation! One of the best things about fishing at the coast is you never know what you’re going to catch, and as the day wears on, we’ll see everyone reeling in all kinds of species of fish, making for one memorable day on the water. On the second day of their Port A stay, the girls stayed behind to enjoy some local shopping, and Wade and Clark headed back out to sea to a familiar jetty Wade has fished around before. Once again Port Aransas does not disappoint, and while fishing off the jetties Wade and Clark get tons of bites, and more importantly, reel in tons of quality redfish and trout that will make for a delicious fish fry later that evening!