Airbow Hunting for Hogs and Crappie Fishing

On this episode of Fishing and Hunting Texas, we’re hitting the field and heading out on the water as we tackle both worlds of hunting and fishing! To kick things off, we’ll be joining Michael Wersig for an exciting hog hunt where he used the Umarex AirSaber Airgun for the first time. The Umarex AirSaber is capable of being charged up to about 3600 PSI, and can shoot up to 480 feet per second, which makes it an incredible hunting platform. We’ll also learn a little about the AirJavelin and the AirSaber arrows built exclusively for the Umarex AirSaber. After Michael takes some time to give us the rundown on these models, he’ll take the AirSaber high up in a tripod and we’ll have the chance to watch this lethal mode of hunting in action!

After spending time in the field, we’ll take a road trip up to Choke Canyon Reservoir where Clark Wendlandt and Michael Wersig have their sights set on catching crappie. In previous years both Clark and Michael have had huge success reeling in giant slabs of crappie, and they thought coming here this year would be no exception. However, sometimes plans don’t always turn out the way you’d expect. While they do reel in loads of varying species of fish, the crappie they’re after just don’t cooperate this time. After a frustrating day and a half of fishing, Clark comes up with a friendly little competition to close out the last twenty minutes of their day. The rules are simple. Each fish is worth one point, and a keeper crappie is worth two points. Whoever has the most points after twenty minutes, WINS!

By the end of the day, Clark and Michael may not have run into flurries of crappie fish on this trip, but that certainly didn’t stop them from having a good time, or from getting a couple good digs in at one another. Next time you head out on the water, don’t get discouraged when the fish you’re after aren’t biting, because there’s always a way to turn a crappie situation into a positive one!