Alabama Fishing Adventures

Over the years, we’ve traveled all across the country in search of that next great fishing adventure. From Texas, to Oklahoma, Kentucky, and down to Alabama, host Wade Middleton and crew have caught an array of fish in a wide variety of locations. On this episode of the Fisherman’s Handbook, we take a look at some of our favorite fishing trips from the state of Alabama.

First up, we take a look at an outing with Wade & Clark on Wilson Lake outside of Florence, AL. It’s the early summertime, and fish are making their way out deep to find cooler water. The duo begins by throwing topwaters up shallow, then moves to the Wheeler Dam tailrace. At the tailrace, you never know what might bite! This Alabama fishing adventure is insightful, fun, and features tons of fish catching.

In the next segment, Clark Wendlandt is joined by Curt Hill from Power-Pole back out on Wilson Lake. This time the fish are up shallow in flooded vegetation. Conditions such as this provide a great opportunity to highlight the Power-Pole Total Boat Control System. Watch as Clark & Curt pick apart shallow cover while using the poles to control their boat positioning.

Lastly, we lighten the mood a little bit and introduce a friendly competition between good friends on Pickwick Lake. Be sure to tune in and check out this episode highlighting the best moments we’ve experienced fishing some of Alabama’s most storied fisheries.