Americana Outdoors’ South Africa Adventures

On this episode of Americana Outdoors, we’re traveling to the other side of the globe for an African Safari and vacation to the Limpopo Province of South Africa! Since the early nineties, Wade has had dreams of venturing over to Africa to hunt specific plains game animals in their homelands, but the opportunity just never presented itself. This dream became a reality at last years C.A.S.T. For Kids event in Waco Texas, when he bid on (and won!) an auction for a donated African Hunt by World Class Fishing and Hunting and Kuche Safaris. From that moment on, plans were falling into place to set up this trip of a lifetime.

We start off with the crew getting into camp and familiarizing themselves with their new home away from home for the next ten days. While the ladies stay behind at camp, Steve, Wade, Angel’s father Pat, and our cameraman Kevin set off on their first African safari hunt. Right away our team sees an abundance of new, exotic animals. From hartebeest in the roads to kudu hiding in the bushes, the guys are overwhelmed with what they’re seeing on their first afternoon out. As the day comes to a close, see which of these African game animals presents itself for Steve to get a good shot!

Next, we head out with Steve again, this time with his wife Tonia by his side. In all his years of hunting, this marks the first time Tonia has had the chance to join Steve on a hunt. On this outing, Steve has his sights set on an animal that is at the top of his wishlist: the blue wildebeest. Not long into the hunt, our professional hunter Dale, spots one in the distance. Will Steve have the opportunity to snag one of these majestic animals, or will it make a clean getaway and leave him with only a distant memory?

While the guys have been out in the African bush hunting, we get a chance to see how the ladies and Angel’s father Pat took advantage of some other attractions the Limpopo region of South Africa has to offer. Some of these experiences included visiting an elephant exhibit, where they had the opportunity to interact with and ride the elephants. They also cruised through the Eventieria Wildlife Park and had up close and personal interactions with some of the animals at the sanctuary. Then, they closed out their adventures with a relaxing get away to the Sediko Bush Spa!

To wrap things up, we join Shelley Giesecke! While her husband Kevin has frequently hunted with us in the past and films much of the exciting content you see, this marks the first time Shelley herself has stepped out to the hunting field. See how she does with the guidance of another one of Kuche Safari’s professional hunters, Pieter, when an impala enters the scene! The excitement doesn’t end here. For nearly thirty years Wade has had his heart set on harvesting the legendary kudu in its homeland. On our next episode we’ll see if he gets his chance to take one of these majestic animals, or if the kudu will live up to its name, as the legendary Grey Ghost of Africa…