In this episode, we head out for one of the most unique hunts for one of the most adaptable and challenging animals to hunt anywhere – the Aoudad. We’ll see handgun hunting, hunts with compound bows, crossbows and more as Americana Outdoors takes a deep indepth look at one of the most unique animals in the world. Native to rugged areas of Northern Africa, the Aoudad, also known as Barbary sheep (Ammotragus lervia), is a tough and intelligent species of Caprid (goat-antelope). Aoudad are the only species in the genus Ammotragus. However, some include this genus in the goat genus Capra, and others in the sheep genus Ovis. From a hunting standpoint, they are usually considered a sheep. Aoudad are a reddish-tan color, and the insides of their legs are whitish. There is no beard, but they do have a beautiful mane of long, soft hairs on the throat, chest, and upper part of the forelegs. The horns of the male sweep outward, backward, and then inward; they are rather heavy and wrinkled, and measure up to 34 inches in length. Females also have prominent horns although they are not as large as those of the male. They can retain water from sparse vegetation and survive long periods of time without it. This adaptation gives aoudad the ability to live in rugged, dry habitats that are too harsh for other animals. These factors combined with the Aoudad’s sense of smell, hearing and alertness to danger; make aoudad hunting very challenging.