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Musky or Bust

In the middle of Winter, Morgan travels to Virginia to meet up with Kristine Fischer, as these two anglers brave the cold in search of the famed muskellunge that inhabit the James River. Known as “the fish of a thousand casts”, will our anglers tempt these kings of the river to bite?

Locals and Legends

Lake Eufaula in Alabama is a legendary fishery in the world of bass fishing. Mark Stowe is fishing early summer with local friend, fisherman and angler Reed Ledford to find out why Eufaula is one of the top “go-to” destinations in the world for bass fishing.

Bass Fishing With The New Stupid Craw

This week on Americana Outdoors, we’re gettin’ stupid with the brand new Stupid Craw™ from Secret Lures! You’ve seen us catch big one after big one with its big brother, the Stupid Tube™, and today Jeff Reynolds and Wade Middleton will be testing out this newest addition to the tube family on multiple bodies of […]