Axis Hunting Adventures

This week on Americana Outdoors, we’re taking a look at a unique deer whose majestic appearance and legendary table fare ranks it as one of the most coveted game animals among many hunters… the axis deer! With their extremely weary nature, legendary sense of smell and incredible eye sight and hearing, axis are some of the most difficult game animals to hunt. More than once hunters have experienced that relatable, sinking feeling of watching an axis run away just as they were about to pull the trigger. Axis bucks average a height of thirty five inches at the shoulder, while the does reach a relative height of twenty eight inches. As Wade will tell us, if you’re ever fortunate enough to take one of these majestic animals, you will remember it as one of the highlights of your hunting career!

To kick things off, we’re joining Amanda Popp on not only her first hunt for one of these beautiful deer, but for her very first Texas hunting experience!   Amanda has worked alongside Wade for over fifteen years, and after months of planning, has finally had a chance to come out to camp. After much discussion, their plan is to go out in search of an axis. On her first morning out, she had the opportunity to see a plethora of animals, ranging from rio grande turkeys, her first sika sighting, and some of Texas’ legendary whitetail deer. Only a couple small axis made appearances, but this didn’t discourage Amanda. As we roll into the afternoon portion of her first day out in Texas fields, our team switches up their approach and situate themselves in a tree stand. Towards the end of the day, a regal shooter axis emerges from the brushy area. However, he doesn’t cooperate, and disappears back into the bushes as quickly as he appeared.

Day two brings more of the same as day one, with few to no axis sightings, but plenty of encounters with large Texas whitetail, and even a herd of aoudad, one of the animals she was most eager to see! Despite seeing some great shooter whitetail bucks, that axis from the night before still lingered in the back of her mind. On day three of her hunt, Wade joins her in a pop up blind in an area he observed multiple axis sightings. As they waited and waited, an axis doe came around, marking yet another first encounter for Amanda. After a little more waiting, the dream axis buck Amanda came to Texas for finally appeared. Tune in and find out if this mature axis gives Amanda a good shot, or if he stays true to weary axis nature and lives to see another day!

Up next, Scott Newby takes us out in the Yamaha Wolverine X2 on his own quest for an axis deer. The Wolverine X2 is Yamaha’s latest launch of recreational side-by-sides, with a strong balance of utility and sport and everything you need in between. Scott and cameraman Jeff Reynolds are making their way out to the fields ahead of a frigid and wet cold front quickly approaching. Just as they get out of the Wolverine X2 and set up in the pop up blind, the wind starts howling and the rain starts coming down around them. After five hours of sitting, and with many sightings of whitetails but very few axis, the temperatures have dropped and the rain has only worsened. Our team decides to call it a night and head back to camp.

When our team ventures out the next afternoon, the worst of the cold front has passed, the sun is shining, and Scott and Jeff are situated atop a rocky hill side. Not even five minutes into their sit, two incredible axis present Scott with a shot opportunity. An experience like this is almost unheard of in the hunting world, especially when axis are at play. After some deliberating and weighing of his options, Scott makes his final verdict on which axis he wants to bring home to the table. Now the only question left is, will this axis cooperate and give Scott the perfect shot, or will it catch on and run off into the woods? Tune in and find out!