Bass Fishing with Frank Talley on Lake Fairfield

On this episode of Fishing and Hunting Texas, Clark Wendlandt and Frank Talley are hitting the waters of Lake Fairfield and showing us how they piece together the puzzle of bass fishing!

Before Clark and Frank pick up their rods, they start thinking about which baits would be best to throw considering the cold water conditions they’re fishing today. With water temperatures in the high 40’s and the pre-spawn in full swing, they decide hard plastics like the Strike King KVD Jerkbait 300 series and the Strike King Red Eyed Shad may give them the best chances of reeling in those fish. Like anytime we get out on the water, there’s always the excitement and expectation to start catching fish immediately, but, that wasn’t quite the case this time. The day soon became a matter of figuring out the fish patterns and what would make them react.

Since its release at ICAST in 2018, we’ve seen how the Garmin Livescope technology plays a major role in relaying vital information to anglers about what’s happening below their boat. Livescope can tell us where the fish are, whether they’re reacting to our bait or not, where the cover is and how deep things are, and so much more. Speaking of using Garmin Livescope to see everything happening around the boat, Clark keenly watches his Livescope screen as a bass closes in on his bait, and once it bites, he reels in a monster of a bass!

With the fish beginning to bite, it looks like Clark and Frank have happened upon an area of the lake with active fish. However, just as quickly as they seemed to have found a good area with fish, the bite window quickly vanished. Frank shares with us some unique theories on how to explain the pattern behind these, “bite windows,” they’re experiencing.

As the day comes to a close, we’ll also get a chance to learn why Frank chose an orange color of lipless crankbait for fishing Texas waters, and what Clark’s rod of choice is when it comes to jerkbait fishing. As the sun begins to set, Frank reels in one last good bass to round out a fun day of fishing!