Big Bite Baits Product Review: Tour Toad Buzz vs Skipping Toad Buzz

Big Bite Baits Pro Mike McClelland compares the Tour Toad Buzz and the Skipping Toad Buzz.

Skipping Toad Buzz

Big Bite Baits expanded its popular Tour Toad Buzz with a new Skipping Version. It features a slightly heavier wire than the original and the lead is hidden inside of the toad. The result is a super compact frame that’s easy to skip under docks and into tight places that other buzzbaits simply can’t go.

Tour Toad Buzz

The Big Bite Baits soft plastic Tour Toad combined with their famous buzzbait frame puts out some serious buzzing action. Featuring a double wire keeper, a hand painted head to perfectly match the Tour Toad, and a squeaky blade that can be tuned to clack the head for added noise, the Tour Toad is known by many as “one of the best buzzers I’ve ever thrown.”