Big Bite Baits – Swimbait Guide

Big Bite Baits – Swimbait Guide

Big Bite features a wide range of swimbaits that work with a wide range of techniques. We quickly breakdown each of our swimbaits in this video.

The Finesse Swimmer was designed by Mike McClelland in two key sizes of 3.4” and 4.4”. It works well as a trailer, on an A-rig, or even on a belly weighted hook. The Finesse Swimmer really excels when rigged on a jighead or underspin. It features a triangular shape and flat back to help it stay upright and swim perfectly no matter how it is rigged. The Finesse Swimmer features a slit in the belly, which allows you to rig it any way you choose.

The Pro Swimmer comes in 2.8”, 3.3”, 3.8” and 4.8” sizes that can be used in many ways. Two of the most popular ways are on an A-rig or just a single jig head. The round ribbed body features a tail that is perpendicular to the body. This tail design creates a hard side to side kicking action of the tail no matter the retrieve speed or when falling. It is a great choice in any water temperature from winter to summer fishing. Pair up the Pro Swimmer with our Swimmer Head for the perfect combination. The Pro Swimmer also works great as a trailer on swim jigs, vibrating jigs, or spinnerbait as a trailer.

The Suicide Shad comes in 3.5”, 5” and 7” sizes and each swimbait is hand-painted for the most detailed color patterns. Each one gets a multi-step painting process including a painted forked tail on each one that is combined with realistic molded eyes to complement the paint schemes. The tail design ensures that they swim perfectly at the slowest retrieve with a side to side kicking action. The 3.5” version can be used on an Alabama Rig, rigged on a single jighead, or even as a trailer when you want a high definition look. The 5” Suicide Shad performs best on a swimbait jig head or on a belly weighted hook. If you need a bigger bait for Alabama rig this also is a great option. The 7” Suicide is a really special large swimbait. This bait performs well when you need to reel a swimbait slow. You can put in on a jighead or even on a belly weighted swimbait hook such as the Gamakatsu Spring Lock Monster Weighted hook.

The Cane Thumper comes in 3.5”, 4.25” and 5” sizes and was designed by Dean Rojas. It has more of a rolling action on the whole body when retrieved which provides a different appearance and action than our other swimbaits. The Cane Thumper makes a great swim jig and vibrating jig trailer. It can easily be rigged with a belly weighted EWG style hook. It can also provide a much different action when rigged on A-rigs when so many anglers are using other swimmer styles.

The BB Kicker is a swimbait that provides a big wide kick and wobbling action. This bait performs the best on a Jig head such as our Swimbait head or a belly weighted hook with a spring lock. Each BB Kicker is hand-painted in a multi-step process to give you high definition and realistic colors. It is available in 4.5” and 5.5” sizes.

The B5 swimbait is an affordable hand-painted line thru swimbait. Line thru swimbaits can often be very expensive and require special rigging. The B5 is easily rigged by simply passing the line thru the straw in the bait and tying to the belly treble. The straw is molded with an internal lead weight, so it is ready to go right out of the package. This bait is designed to run around 2-5ft below the surface of the water. It swims at the slowest of speeds with a tantalizing action and is a great choice when you need to throw a swimbait in clear shallow water.