Bow Hunting Whitetails

In this episode of Americana Outdoors, we join Garmin’s Rehan Nana as he spends time in Texas in camp with Wade Middleton on an archery hunt for whitetail deer. Rehan will be hunting for whitetail deer in Texas for the first time and he’ll be putting the Garmin Xero Archery Sight to the test after a summer of preparation and practice. Garmin’s Xero A1i Ranging Bow Sight brings new-world technology to old-world hunting methods, creating a system that’s sure to put you ahead of the game. Integrated digital laser rangefinder delivers exact yardage, even compensating for angles, to animals up to 100 yds. away or it’ll even read reflective objects out to 300 yds. Once it finds the range, it’ll produce an LED pin you can use to shoot that exact distance. Automatic brightness dependent on the lighting conditions means you can see the pin in any light, plus you have the option of choosing between red or green pins. Single button can be mounted near your grip for simple rangefinding at full draw. Pins can easily be customized for single-pin or multipin configurations. Laser Locate™ syncs with compatible Garmin GPS units to add a waypoint so you can return to where you ranged an animal at any time. Customizable profiles let you set up pin configurations for multiple bow or arrow setups, letting you switch from the range to the field with ease. Shot dynamics saves a host of data such as bow level at time of release and impulse duration. Shot odometer lets you track how many shots you’ve taken per session and overall. Runs on two lithium AAA batteries (not included) that last up to one year. Right hand and Left hand. Integrated digital laser rangefinder reduces hassle in the field Ranges animals out to 100 yds. away, compensating for angle Produces a red or green LED pin for precision shooting Single-button design allows you to check distance at full draw Pins automatically adjust their brightness to the conditions