Bow Hunting

Hunting with a bow and arrow has been a way to feed your family and have great times in the field. In this episode, we go deep into all the gear bowhunters can use to help increase their chances of a successful hunt.

The first piece of gear is we talk about is going to be broadheads. Wade talks about the subtle differences and keys to shooting a broadhead be it fixed or mechanical. When deciding on whether or not to shoot fixed or mechanical broadheads in the end, it all comes down to what you’re comfortable with shooting and making sure you put that arrow right where it needs to go.

Our next piece of gear some hunters swear by and others won’t go near it, and that’s cover scents and attractants. Cover scents and attractants are two totally different categories when it comes to scent products in regards to hunting. A cover scent is something that you put on you, your gear, and the surrounding foliage to make the deer not know you’re there. A scent attractant is something that you use to bring a deer out of the brush to come into your hunting area because they think there is a hot doe or a buck that’s moved into their area. Cover Scents and Attractants can be used in a similar manner, but they have distinctly different times of the year when you should use them. ConQuest Scents is the leader in Cover Scent and Attractant technology. They’ve got their own deer farm and they bring their “Doe in Heat”, and the “Rutting Buck” scents right out of those deer, right when it’s happening. ConQuest Scents is able to put those different smells into a variety of deployment systems, like the Stink Stick, ScentFIRE, and Wax Applicators.

Also in this episode, Wade shows us how easy it is to set up the ever-popular cellular trail camera. Download the Stealth Cam Command Pro or Remote App (depending on which model you have), scan the QR Code, follow the prompts and you’ll be getting photos sent straight to your phone in no time!

Finally, we’ll talk about elevated deer stands. Elevated hunting stands are an integral part of hunting. They really allow you to do a lot of different things and set yourselves up in scenarios to give you an advantage. When you look at the different lock-on stands, ladder stands, climbing stands, they all allow a hunter to be able to pretty much find a way to get elevated in about every hunting situation that there is. Modern elevated hunting stands that we use today like from HAWK and Muddy Outdoors, they’re designed to allow you to be comfortable, safe, secure. When it comes to elevated stands, find the one that fits your needs. Pick what’s going to work for where you’re hunting, and when you put those stands in the right situations, you’re going to increase your odds of success when you get a deer out in front of you.