Bradley Smoker Overview

This week on Americana Outdoors, we’re taking a rare look at our favorite method of preparing delicious meals out of the wild game we’ve harvested out in the field using the Bradley Smoker! Whether we’re bringing in freshly caught fish from the lakes, or preparing a tender cut of venison after a long day of hunting out in the field, the Bradley Smoker has never failed us and today we’re dishing out some of our favorite recipes including blackened crappie fillets, smoked venison tenderloins, and smoked steak fillets with jalapeño poppers!

In this episode we’ll also we’ll look back on our history with Bradley Smoker, and see how its ease of use can provide the ultimate convenience! For over thirty years Bradley Smokers have been known as an easy to use electric smoker that deliver consistent results. We’ve been using the Bradley Smoker for many years now, and whether we’re cooking up delicious meals to keep our guests out at deer camp full and happy, or just experimenting with new recipes at home, the Bradley Smoker lives up to its promise and has delivered perfectly smoked food every time.

According to Wade Bradley, Bradley Smoker achieved their goal of creating the best tasting smoked food by unlocking the one simple secret to food smoking.  Control the smoke, plain and simple.  The technology behind Bradley’s CleanSmoke is comprised of three components, all of which ensure your food is cooked with the purest smoke possible.  This system starts with Bradley’s Natural Wood Smoking Bisquettes, which come in a variety of flavors.  Then, the digital screen on the element allows the user unlimited control over the cooking time, temperature, and smoking time.  The wood smoking bisquettes are dispensed along a conveyor system, and smoked according to the smoke time you set on the digital screen, and then doused before the wood has a chance to turn to ash.  This brilliant innovation is what puts Bradley Smoker in a league of their own when compared to other smokers.

If you’re looking for the answer to simplified meals with a five star quality that come together with very little effort, then making the Bradley Smoker the newest addition to your home is the way to go!  You can browse through the different Bradley Smoker options and all of the available accessories and bisquette flavors by heading over to  And if you already have a Bradley Smoker… What are you waiting for?  Get to cookin’!