3 Blade Fixed, 3 Blade Expandable, and 2 Blade Expandable Broadhead Test Video

Every spring Growing Deer TV hosts a field day on the Proving Grounds near Branson, Missouri in the Ozark Mountains. The 2016 spring field day was filled with some spectacular informational presentations, educational demonstrations, and new for this year, a broadhead test video. The debate of fixed versus mechanical or expandable broadheads have raged since the first mechanical came out. While many tests exists, many reviews, options, preferences have been given the choice is still unclear of which offers the best results, and in the end it all comes down to personal preference.

Tim Checkeroski, marketing coordinator and pro staff manager at G5 Outdoors put his pride and reputation on the line deciding to show attendees a broadhead test on video! Now remember this was in front of 120 + attendees, not to mention 4 different video cameras ran by the growing deer staff! In this instance, Tim gave a solid performance as broadhead accuracy was not even questioned!

The Test

The Test was simple, a 5 gallon bucket filled with sand, and 3 broadheads. Tim shot each broadhead testing 3 different types, a fixed blade, 3 bladed mechanical, and a 2 bladed mechanical. Watch the video below to see the results of which broadhead showed the most penetration!

The Broadheads Being Tested


Broadhead Test – The Bucket of Sand | Spring Field Day 2016 Growing Deer TV

(video) The www,GrowingDeer.tv team shares hunting tips and techniques at their Spring Field Days event: strategies for food plots, tree plots, bow hunting setups and habitat management practices. Plus the latest insider information on ammunition, filming accessories, game calls, and this year a broadhead test video! The results of this broadhead test video may surprise you!

The Fixed Blade: Montec

1” to 1-1/8” Cutting Diameter
Available in 85,100 & 125 Grains
100% Steel Tough
Cut On Contact Design
Diamond Cut Sharpness
One Piece Construction
100% Spin Tested
Pre-Season Models Are Available
Easy To Re-sharpen For Multiple Use

The 3 Bladed Expandable: T3

Huge 1-1/2” Cutting Diameter
Available In 100 Grains Only
320% Stronger Than Competitors
100% Steel Tough
6061-T6 Aluminum
Spider Clip Blade Retention System
No Blade Pre-Deployment
No Rubber Bands or O-Rings
Filed Tip Profile in Closed Position
Practice Blades Available
Replacement Spider Clips Available

The 2 Bladed Expandable: Havoc

2” Cutting Diameter
Available In 100 Grains Only
.030’ Stainless Steel Lutz Blades
100% Steel Tough
Dual Trap™ Blade Retention System
Cut-On Contact Design
Replacement Blades Available
Replacement Collars Available
The Results

As you can see from the broadhead test video, the Havoc penetrated the furthest, followed by the T3 Expandable, then the Montec Fixed Blade. So which broadhead will you take in your quiver this fall? After all the tests, reviews, videos, and articles on the subject, it all eventually comes down to personal preference.