Catching Bass On and Near Dams

One of the most obvious pieces of structure to fish on a lake is the dam.  In this episode of the Bass Pro Shops Fisherman’s Handbook, we break down how to target this fish holding habitat.  From the top of the water column, all the way down to 20 plus feet, fish will position along a dam.  Host Wade Middleton, along with the help of top touring pros, will offer insight into dams and how to go about fishing these areas.


The first place to start when pulling up to a dam is to take a look at your electronics.  Make an assessment of the data provided, and use that to point you in the right direction.  Garmin Panoptix LiveScope will help you determine exactly where the bait, as well as the fish, are positioned.  Once you’re aware of this specific information, it will make picking the right approach much easier.


Selecting a bait to use along the dam can be extremely difficult due to the vast habitat offered along these areas.  In this show we offer several options to help simplify your approach.  For fish suspended along a dam, try these key baits: topwater lures, wacky rigged Big Bite Baits soft plastics, and a SPRO crankbait.  When the fish become locked onto the bottom, you can throw a worm such as the Big Bite Baits Coontail Worm, or a Finesse Worm.  Keeping things simple will make things much easier while you’re out there on the water.  Dams are a great place to catch fish, and you can apply these techniques on your next trip!


Gear Shown In Video

Ranger Boats – Z521L:

Yamaha – VMAX SHO 250 HP:

Power-Pole – Blade 2.0:

Garmin – GPSMAP Electronics:

Garmin – Panoptix LiveScope:

Garmin – Virb XE:

TH Marine – HydroWave H2:

TH Marine – Atlas Jack Plate:

SPRO – RkCrawler:

SPRO – Little John:

Sunline – Shooter FC:

Sunline – Super FC Sniper:

Big Bite Baits – Coontail Worm:

Big Bite Baits – Finesse Worm:

Secret Lures – Ledge Shaker Jig Head: