Catching BIG ONES at Choke Canyon Reservoir with the Stupid Craw

We’re on Choke Canyon Reservoir where Wade Middleton is throwing the Secret Lures Stupid Craw for the very first time, and he’s fishing it rigged the traditional Stupid Style on clear waters during the post spawn season. Wade has also chosen to cast on a spinning rod paired with 20 pound braided line and a 14 pound Sunline Sniper leader. Right off the bat Wade reels in his first fish, and describes how the fish see the bait and think, “I’m going to bite that stupid thing and eat it!” It’s not long before the fish have chowed down on his bait enough to remove the pinchers from its body completely, and we’ll get a first hand look at how quick and easy it is to rig another one and get his line back in the water. Yet again, almost immediately after he casts the new bait, Wade reels in two big fish one after the other! By the end of this episode, we’ll witness how Secret Lures’ latest addition to their soft plastics lineup is incredibly durable, versatile, and reliable under a wide range of conditions. If you want to get in on the secret to success and start catchin’ ‘em like a pro, head on over to to browse the entire lineup of Stupid Craws™!