Sight Fishing for Springtime Bass

Sight fishing during the spawn, it’s one of the most exciting, frustrating, and rewarding ways to fish. During the springtime, when water temperatures near the sixty degree mark, every bass in the lake starts to think about moving shallow to build a bed and prepare for the spawn. This presents anglers with the opportunity to see and cast to some of the biggest fish in the lake. On this episode of the Bass Pro Shops Fisherman’s Handbook, we will break down how to catch these fish, as well as take a look at some of our favorite sight fishing bass caught throughout the years!

Bass all act in different ways when setting up to spawn. Some fish are very skittish, while others can become extremely aggressive when defending their beds. It is important for you, as the angler, to identify the behavior of the fish. Paying close attention to these clues will help you to determine how to present the bait and where to cast.

Bait color is another important detail to take into account when targeting spawning bass. The color of the bait can make it easier for the angler to identify the bait on the bed. This includes white, pink, and orange based colors. However in some cases, going with a more natural color can work out in your favor. This includes greens and watermelon based colors.

Tune in to this great episode of the Bass Pro Shops Fisherman’s Handbook to learn about all things sight fishing!

TXTT Competes at Cedar Creek

Texas Team Trail makes their second stop of the 2022 season at Cedar Creek Lake – lots of anglers and lots of action throughout this event!

Bass Pro Shops World’s Fishing Fair

On this episode of the Bass Pro Shops Fisherman’s Handbook, we highlight the World’s Fishing Fair, celebrating the 50th anniversary of Bass Pro Shops! The World’s Fishing Fair is the largest sale and show in the history of fishing. The event celebrates the 50th anniversary of Bass Pro Shops live from America’s Conservation Capital at the Grandaddy of All Outdoor Stores—the Bass Pro Shops National Headquarters in Springfield, Missouri.

Host Wade Middleton had the opportunity to travel to Springfield, MO and participate in this great event. Consisting of great sales, seminars, contests, concerts and more, the World’s Fishing Fair is one-of-a-kind showcase of fishing, boating, conservation, and the great outdoors. It is a five-day celebration of fishing—and all of the people, products, stories, places, traditions and experiences that make it so wonderful.

Conservation is a very key item prioritized by Johnny Morris and Bass Pro Shops. On Saturday night, April 2, Johnny Morris presented a donation of $1.5 million to benefit conservation during the Hank Williams Jr. concert, representing 100% of all ticket sales to the World’s Fishing Fair and Concerts for Conservation – doubling the initial pledge of 50% of all ticket sales.

“I have never felt more proud of our Bass Pro team, our vendors, and our conservation partners,” Johnny Morris said. “Thanks to this collective effort, and with the support of our generous customers and the City of Springfield, we are able to make this donation that will help further crucial conservation efforts for years to come. The fact that we were able to host this event and make this donation to help celebrate our 50th anniversary right here in Springfield makes us very proud and very happy!”

Tune in to this episode of the Bass Pro Shops Fisherman’s Handbook to learn more about the World’s Fishing Fair, Bass Pro Shops, Springfield, MO, and many things to do in the surrounding area!

Preparing for a Successful Bass Fishing Trip

An angler’s success during a fishing trip is determined long before they arrive at the lake and make that first cast. Preparation and planning are key off the water factors that dictate an angler’s success later down the road. Whether it’s having the right bait in a tackle box or knowing exactly where to find that perfect leader line in the boat to get rigged up quickly, it is important not to overlook these various items when preparing for a fishing adventure.

Host Wade Middleton starts the show by looking through baits and tackle in his shed. Here, Wade will store all of his gear and when it comes time to go fishing will grab the specific tackle he needs to load in his boat to go target the given lake. Learn about tackle organization and how to better identify the baits in your tackle box during this segment.

Next up, Wade goes on outside to load up his boat with the baits, line, and tackle that he just organized. Each angler has a specific preference for how they organize and lay out gear in their boat. Find out where Wade stores baits and terminal tackle, as well as how he packs extra line to use while out at the lake!

Lastly, we take to the water to run the new boat and test out the organization items we just walked through. The lake that Wade is fishing is Medina Lake. Medina is close to 40 feet low during the time of this trip. Bass are in the pre-spawn phase, staging on steep rock banks, and Wade catches a boat load of bass using the SPRO RkCrawler!

2022 Barnett Reservoir Rumble | Day 2 Weigh In

Day 2 weigh-in will begin April 10th, 2022 at 1:30pm CST.

2022 Barnett Reservoir Rumble | Day 1 Weigh In

Live weigh-in coverage will begin April 9th at 3:00pm CST.

2021 Student Angler Federation High School Fishing’s World Finals

Nearly 400 High School Fishing teams from 41 states and 1 foreign country gather at Lake Hartwell to fish for a prize pool of nearly $3 million in scholarships and prizes at the Student Angler Federation’s High School Fishing World Finals.

Texas Bass Fishing Tips

On this week’s episode of Fishing and Hunting Texas, Clark Wendlandt is meeting up with fellow professional bass angler Keith Combs as they share all sorts of bass fishing tips from Choke Canyon Reservoir! In South Texas, water level plays a key factor. Choke is up about four feet, and while last year was great for fishing, but right now there’s some areas that fishermen can’t access. While that may work against anglers for the time being, it’s great for the fish during the spawn, and the outlook for the next five years on Choke Canyon is optimistic.

Clark and Keith are heading out on Choke Canyon at the tail end of a cold front, which doesn’t make for the most ideal conditions at this lake, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be big fish lurking around. As the day kicks off, the guys each reel in a fish, and although they’re not very big, it’s just the beginning of part of the fun of fishing: figuring out what the fish will want on any given day. The guys throw buzz baits, frogs, and swimmers, with bites here and there, but it’s not until we’re nearing the end of the day that Clark starts figuring out this puzzle. With a Strike King Hybrid Hunter in Chartreuse Perch tied to the end of his line, Clark stirs up a flurry of bass and reels in one after another, and it doesn’t take long for Keith to follow suit and get in on the Hybrid Hunter action as well!

The next day Clark and Keith head out for one more morning run at searching out where the monster bass of Choke Canyon may be hiding. True to any day of fishing, the fish are interested in a completely different presentation today. The bait of the day ends up being a Strike King Rage Swimmer, and we’ll have a chance to see Keith hammer them one cast after another. Stay tuned at the end when Clark and Keith will go over how they presented this bait to the fish, and explain how there’s always more than one way to fish this impressive bait by Strike King!