A Bass Fishing Disaster

Lifelong friends, Pete Wagner and Greg Underdahl, experience a bass fishing disaster! The duo meet up at Pete’s farmhouse to plan an epic bass fishing trip to a southern Minnesota hot spot. After ironing out all the logistics in Pete’s garage, the guys head out on the road. As the pair nears closer to the lake, an unsettling noise is heard from Pete’s Toyota RAV4. The RAV4 convulses numerous times before finally shutting down completely, stranding Greg and Pete at the ramp of the lake where they were going to fish. Will this day be a complete waste? Or can our stubborn anglers salvage it with last minute heroics?

Night Fishing for Winter Walleyes

In the northern reaches of the Mississippi River there exists a stretch of water that never freezes, even in the coldest winter. Here, fish are bountiful, along with diehard anglers who target them. Surprisingly, the best fishing comes at night when large nocturnal walleye hunt rocky shallows in search of anything they can sink their teeth into. This can be the best fishing of the year, but it’s also bitterly cold; especially when the sun goes down. Greg and Pete venture to this open water oasis and hatch an audacious plan to catch a fish of a lifetime.

Float Fishing on the Mississippi River

Float Fishing on the Mississippi River – Best Dam Fishing Float  Greg and Pete look for fall fishing action on the northern stretches of the mighty Mississippi River! The boys leave the boat at home as they head to the “Best Dam Fishing Float”; a fishing pier that floats below Lock and Dam #7 on the Minnesota/Wisconsin border. The guys quickly learn that luxury fishing has its share of distractions, including crossing lines with some pretty interesting folks who call this float home. While “fishing”, Greg and Pete enjoy multiple cold beers, watch some football on the big screen, and enjoy Chicago-style hot dogs from the floating restaurant, all courtesy of the salty and informative, Captain Tom.

Bass Fishing Banned

What are two desperate fishermen to do when their home state bans bass fishing in spring? Well, if you’re Greg Underdahl and Pete Wagner, you do the unthinkable…you head to Iowa. With a closed bass season in Minnesota, Greg and Pete are forced to cross the border and enter into corn country. The big question is, can they find bass? After developing a dubious game plan, the duo head to a small reservoir that seems fishy, but looks can be deceiving. Pete and Greg try for hours to hook into a bass, but all they can catch is a bloated bullhead. Their only hope lies in the gently rolling hills in the northwest corner of the state, a lake of Iowa legend…its name is Okoboji.

International Eelpout Festival

Another Fishing Show co-hosts, Greg Underdahl and Pete Wagner travel to Walker, Minnesota to compete in the International Eelpout Festival. The duo experience many challenges trying to catch the maligned eelpout, but thankfully a local guide points them in the right direction. With only a limited amount of time, Pete and Greg find success with a fish that smells like a LITTER BOX!

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Roughfishing in Minnesota

Each spring, a reproductive ritual occurs throughout the nation’s rivers and streams. It’s the sucker spawn and fishing during this time of year can be fast and furious, but messy, too. After all, these fish are procreating and it’s bound to get dirty. Greg and Pete venture to the mecca of the sucker spawn in Lanesboro, Minnesota. Although somewhat new to sucker fishing, the pair quickly learn the fine art of catching these hard fighting fish. They’re so confident in their abilities, in fact, that they sign up a week later for the Roughfish Roundup; a sucker fishing contest that will test their prowess with the lowliest of bottom feeders. Watch as Pete and Greg go head-to-head against the top roughfishermen in the country. Do they have the right stuff to take home the gold or will they suck as much as the fish they’re targeting?