Apex Pro Tour – Series Highlights

Take a look back at the incredible season of the Apex Pro Cup Series, in 2021, as we recap some of the best moments from this historic Bass Fishing competition that has brought together some of the best Anglers in the west. (Re announcing the apex tour, and show the battle, they are at the mercy of the apex.

Apex Pro Tour Championships, California Delta

This is our fifth and final stop of the tour, as our anglers compete for the last trophy and cash prize. Only 17 of our top tour pros qualified for the apex pro tour championship held on the California delta. Watch these pros, unlock this title-influenced fishery.

Apex Pro Tour, Thermalito After Bay

Our fourth stop of the Apex Pro Tour finds us at the Thermalito Afterbay. It’s a close competition between our anglers, with a constantly shifting leaderboard, as they deploy multiple different tactics and techniques to help them compensate with the ever-changing conditions.

Apex Pro Tour, Lake Camanche

For the third event of the Apex Pro Tour, we head to Lake Camanche. This stingy fishery didn’t give up many fish, with extremely low reservoir levels, and temperatures reaching over 112 degrees, this event tested the endurance of the anglers, in pursuit of monster bass.

Apex Pro Tour, Lake Almanor

Lake Almanor is the backdrop of our second event of the Apex season, with the full field of Anglers, competing for that top spot on the podium. Battling sleet and snow, the resolve of these world-class anglers is tested, as they fight for every fish.

Apex Pro Tour invitational, Arlington Oregon

Our first stop of the Apex Pro Tour, arrives in Arlington Oregon, for the start of this Historic event, where Anglers do battle on the John Day River, fighting big waves and high winds, making this inaugural event one not to miss.

Wild West Bass, Apex Qualifier at Clear Lake

The brand new Apex Pro Tour was announced at Clear Lake in California. Watch several of the Apex Pros, fish this Wild West Bass Trail event, and see who gets crowned the winner, taking home a brand new boat, plus cash. We also get a sneak peek at the Apex pro lineup for the upcoming season.