Forward Thinking Back Part 2

Justin & Travis continue discussing what they have learned from the trips filmed over the years.

Forward Thinking Back Part 1

Justin & Travis discuss what they have enjoyed and learned from the trips they have filmed together.

The Bottom Knows

Determining where fish species congregate starts at the bottom. Justin and Travis examine the expansion of artificial structure and live bottom fishing and learn there’s much more to be discovered.

Trick Line And Sinker

Justin and Travis review clips from previous trips and guess the fish being targeted by what’s shown on screen. We learn why they use a variety of tackle and how angling experience leads to insight.

Fitting A Boat To You

Justin has spent a lifetime buying, selling and rigging boats to fit his angling needs. Learn what you need to ask yourself before shopping for the perfect boat and what to look for at the dealership.

Random Acts of Fishing

The irresistibly serene gulf waters off Panama City Beach lure Justin into taking Ed Zyak out to see what’s biting. It quickly turns into a study session and a lesson. Patience + perseverance = success.

Offshore Heritage

It’s playtime for Travis & Justin when offshore guide Josh Sauls shares a secret honey hole and his fishing ancestry. Then luck shines when the guys find another sweet spot on the way back.

Chilly Micro Skinny

When overnight temps go low and the tides go lower, it forces Redfish to move. Justin & Travis break out a new micro skiff to see how low they can go to ambush shifting redfish on the flats.

Snapper Grand Slam

Humminbird’s Bill Carson joins Justin to show how the new CoastMaster charts reveal secrets of Panama City Beach’s waters. What they see proves it’s not just red snapper populating these waters, but a smorgasbord of snapper for the cooler.

The Depth of Red

Which fish can you target year-round in almost any weather conditions, deep, shallow, stained or clear water with a variety of baits and tactics? Justin shows why the Redfish is the “go to” species that he never gets tired of chasing.