Outdoor TeamWorks Promo

Outdoor Team Works is a combination of fishing tournament trails that target key fishing demographics in Walleye, Bass Fishing and Saltwater markets.   You can learn more about this diverse lineup of events that feature a large media footprint, on site activation and great fishing tournament action showcasing Bass Pro Shops, Cabela’s, Nitro Boats, Ranger Boats and Triton Boats as well as many other great brands like Garmin, Mercury, Lucas Oil and more.

How To Set Waypoints on the Garmin Livescope™

Tom Redington shows us how to set waypoints on our Garmin Livescope units, and wraps up a successful day of fishing on Fayette County Reservoir!

Utilizing Reverse Range with Garmin Livescope™

Tom Redington shows us how to get to the Reverse Range feature on Garmin Livescope and gives us a little insight into how it differs from the regular views, and explains what advantages you can have when utilizing Reverse Range!

Tom Redington Shows Us How to Setup Depth Shading on Garmin Livescope™

Tom Redington shows us how to make key structure in your desired depth range really pop on your Garmin units, and gives us the step by step breakdown of how to set up this incredible feature.

How Garmin Livescope™ Has Changed Fishing For Pro Angler Tom Redington

We’re on Fayette County Reservoir with professional angler Tom Redington, where he’s sharing with us how Livescope has impacted his time on the water, and revolutionized the fishing world.

Using Waypoints to Your Advantage in Bass Fishing Tournament Settings

Alton Jones shows us how he sets and uses waypoints on his Garmin mapping units to recall where he caught fish in the past, and to keep track of where he’s catching them in the present time.

Look No Further for Why You Need Garmin Livescope™

We’ve been on the water with Alton Jones all day, and if it weren’t for the Garmin Livescope™, we would not have seen the sheer number of fish catches without it. Alton shows us once again why we need this revolutionary unit on our boats!

Alton Jones on Why You Should Name Your Garmin Units

Naming your Garmin Units will make you faster and more efficient on the water. Here’s how it’s done!

What Makes Alton Jones Say The Garmin Force® Trolling Motor is the Best On The Market

The top four things Alton looks for are quietness around fish, power in heavy wind or current, good on the battery, and something that’s indestructible, because if it can be torn up, he’ll tear it up. In this short video we’ll see the Garmin Force® Trolling Motor in action and why Alton swears by it.

Catchin’ Fish and Garmin Livescope™ Basics with Alton Jones

Alton Jones shows us how to know which way your Livescope™ is looking underwater based on which direction your trolling motor is pointing. We’ll also learn how to recognize fish and differentiate between different objects you’re seeing on your Garmin Livescope™ screen.