Why Every Angler Should Have Garmin Livescope on Their Boat

It’s all about Garmin electronics and why Garmin’s Livescope is an essential unit for any angler to have on their boat! When Garmin debuted Livescope, and gave anglers the ability to view a real-time image of what’s happening below their boat, it changed the game of fishing as we knew it. Today we’ll be on the water with several anglers who have incorporated livescope into their fishing arsenal of must-have gear, and we’ll see first hand how they use it to find those perfect fishing spots, and to find fish. From fishing Choke Canyon Reservoir with Wade Middleton as he capitalizes on the benefits of using Livescope, to watching fish react to bait in real time with Clark Wendlandt and Michael Wersig at Fayette County Reservoir, we’ll see just how incredible Garmin Livescope is for anglers. We’ll also get an opportunity to hear how this unit greatly helped Clark throughout his year to secure the title of Angler of the Year on the Bassmaster Elite Series!

Confidence is the key word we hear both pro and weekend anglers consistently using when talking about Livescope.  When you add a Garmin Livescope to your boat, not only are you increasing your chances of reeling in more fish, you’re maximizing your ability to see why you’re catching those fish! Visit garmin.com for more information on this and other Garmin products!

Using the Joystick Control Feature of the Yamaha Helm Master EX

The new joystick control feature of the Yamaha Helm Master EX system removes the need for two hand control on your boat. This incredible feature offers a new, innovative, and more efficient approach to controlling your boat and really comes into play when you get into tight quarters and rely on boat response. Another cool feature of the joystick is that it gives you the ability to focus on one point of the boat, the bow. Unlike traditional systems which control the boat from the stern, this approach to controlling your boat drives from the bow of the boat, just like driving a car, and allows you to focus on what’s happening in front of you. For more information on the joystick control of the Helm Master EX, visit yamahaoutboards.com.

Exploring the Autopilot Features of the Yamaha Helm Master EX

The autopilot features of the Yamaha Helm Master EX boasts the safest autopilot capability on the market! Just under your gauge screen, you’ll find your autopilot panel. The four features of the Yamaha Helm Master EX autopilot are heading hold, course hold, track point, and pattern steer. The two features we’ll learn about in this video are heading hold, and course hold. Heading hold is great for making runs across a lake and will maintain your heading as you travel. Course hold will also maintain your heading, but will allow for conditions and make for a smoother, more natural ride in autopilot mode. To learn more about all the features of the autopilot level of the Helm Master EX, visit yamahaoutboards.com.

Using Speed Control Features of the Yamaha Helm Master EX

We’re on the water with Captain Sean Gill of the Yamaha Marine Group, taking a closer look at how speed controls function on Yamaha’s brand new Helm Master EX. Speed control on your boat acts exactly as speed control in your vehicle would, and holds your current set speed. You want to use this speed control feature to fine tune your speed, and works in 50 RPM increments at the simple push of a button. In this video we will also see how the boat will automatically transition into pattern shift when you reach below a certain RPM. Next up, we’ll also witness the capabilities of GPS speed when you step up to the autopilot level of the Helm Master EX system. With these features, you have pinpoint control of your speed on the water. For more information on the speed control features of the Helm Master EX, visit yamahaoutboards.com.

The Debut of the Yamaha Helm Master EX

For years, Yamaha has dominated boat control standards with the original Helm Master boat control system. Once again they’ve raised the standards of boat control and maneuverability with the debut of the Helm Master EX. The latest boat in control is all about expandability and functionality, and with the Helm Master EX, boaters and anglers alike will have several different options of what level of control they prefer, with the ability to expand the system if the need arises in the future. Over the course of our time on our water, we’ll learn about the features of the very base level, known as the DEC or Digital Electronic Control level, that every boat with Helm Master EX will come equipped with. Next up we’ll learn about the second stage you can expand to, known as the DES or Digital Electronic Steering level. This is an incredible new advancement in which Yamaha has removed hydraulic systems from the boat and gone completely digital. The Third level has even more exciting new advancements, and introduces the safest autopilot features on the market! From heading hold, to course hold, pattern steer, and track points, the autopilot level of the Helm Master EX gives customers the ability to focus on conditions around them. Rounding out the four levels of the Helm Master EX system is the cherry on top, the joystick control. The joystick offers a new, innovative, and more efficient approach to controlling your boat. As Captain Sean Gill will tell us, “Having the Helm Master Ex system on your boat absolutely makes sense, it’s a much more efficient way to drive the boat, it’s the safest auto pilot out there, and it’s got a ton of standard features at every level!” To learn more about this exciting new generation of boat control, head on over to yamahaoutboards.com

AFTCO Collegiate Bass Open

Coming off a successful event at Kentucky Lake last month, the Bass Pro Shops Collegiate Bass Fishing Series is off to a hot start this fall. Now, the schedule brings them to Lake Dardanelle in Russellville Arkansas for the AFTCO Collegiate Bass Open! Central Arkansas is an outdoor enthusiasts paradise, and the Association of Collegiate Anglers has been contesting premier no-entry fee tournaments on Lake Dardanelle for nearly a decade. This year is no exception, and Lake Dardanelle is producing incredible bags of fish for anglers as they cross the stage to weigh-in. On just the first day of tournament competition, Cameron Smith and Cole Breeden of Drury University weigh-in a whopping 19.90LBS, giving them a commanding lead going into day two at the AFTCO Collegiate Bass Open! The pressure is on as we head into day two, and we join several teams on the water as they reel in fish after fish. Will Cameron and Cole hold on to their lead, or will another team catch a giant at the last minute and clench the first place title? Tune in and find out!

Bass Fishing on Lake Whitney During a Cold Front

We’re in Texas fishing on the great waters of Lake Whitney with Bassmaster Elite Series Pro’s Clark Wendlandt and Frank Talley. They’re fishing in the midst of an extreme cold front that even dropped a few inches of snow on the ground. During their day trip, the guys will be throwing various crankbait sizes and colors from Strike King. As they start their morning, Clark is throwing a Strike King Pro Model 3XD crankbait, and Frank is throwing a 1.5 square bill while targeting rocking banks. With water temperatures are in the 40’s, and facing wind blowing up to 15mph from the north, today promises to be an educational day on the water!

As Clark and Frank move along the rocky banks, their morning starts off a tad slow, but that doesn’t stop them from reeling in fish. While the day progresses, we’ll hear from Clark about a few of the tools he uses from TH Marine, including the Tackle Titan and the Money Pole, to help keep him organized throughout his day, as well as what he does to recover baits after they’ve been snagged on the bottom. Later in the afternoon, after the water temperature has a chance to warm up a few degrees, Clark and Frank start seeing more catches, and take note that the Strike King Pro Model 3XD crankbait is the bait of the day. At the very end of their time on the water, one of these two Bassmaster Elite Pro’s reels in a massive 7lb fish. Tune in and see which angler wins big bass of the day!

Review of TH Marine Money Pole

If you fish you’re going to get hung up it’s just that simple. This video reviews the TH Marine Money Pole and how it works to help you retrieve fishing lures

NEVER Lose Expensive Lures and Crankbaits Again Designed by Professional Angler and television personality Timmy Horton, this revolutionary new product, The Money Pole, is a rugged aluminum extendable pole that extends in three sections to 18 feet, reaching most deep running crankbaits.

Review of The Hydrowave

Bass Master Pros Frank Talley and Clark Wendlandt talk about how they feel the Hydrowave generates a few more bites close to the boat when fishing.

The HydroWave KVD H2 is a Marine Audio Device based on the reactive senses of a Bass and other predatory fish. The HydroWave H2 delivers the latest in patented, sound emitting technology, effectively imitating the audible underwater sounds of baitfish and fish-feeding activities. Research has proven these sounds stimulate feeding in game fish. In addition to the 16 sound patterns on the H2 Bass HydroWave, the KVD H2 has 9 additional sound patterns designed by Kevin VanDam for specific fishing situations:

• Shallow Power
• Shallow Finesse
• Vegetation
• Top Water Schooling
• Off Shore Structure
• Off Shore Schooling
• Off Shore Finesse
• Marinas/Docks
• Crawfish

Bass Pro Shops Big Bass Bash

It’s time for the Bass Pro Shops Big Bass Bash! The goal of this event is to reel in one big bite to win it all, and the winner of the event will bring home thousands of dollars in prizes and contingencies. The Big Bass Bash is a two day tournament, broken down into four sessions on day one, and three sessions on day two. Each of the sessions is presented by a different sponsor, giving anglers the opportunity to snag incredible sponsor prizes throughout the day by winning a session. Along with the tens of thousands of dollars in prizes and contingencies that are on the line this week, teams are also battling for valuable points towards the Bass Pro Shops School of the Year Presented by Abu Garcia.

The competition is fierce out on the water, and anglers are bringing back some huge catches with small margins between weights separating first place from tenth place in the overall leader boards. Tune in and find out which collegiate angler will reel in the biggest fish and win it all at the Bass Pro Shops Big Bass Bash!