Bass Fishing on Lake Whitney During a Cold Front

We’re in Texas fishing on the great waters of Lake Whitney with Bassmaster Elite Series Pro’s Clark Wendlandt and Frank Talley. They’re fishing in the midst of an extreme cold front that even dropped a few inches of snow on the ground. During their day trip, the guys will be throwing various crankbait sizes and colors from Strike King. As they start their morning, Clark is throwing a Strike King Pro Model 3XD crankbait, and Frank is throwing a 1.5 square bill while targeting rocking banks. With water temperatures are in the 40’s, and facing wind blowing up to 15mph from the north, today promises to be an educational day on the water!

As Clark and Frank move along the rocky banks, their morning starts off a tad slow, but that doesn’t stop them from reeling in fish. While the day progresses, we’ll hear from Clark about a few of the tools he uses from TH Marine, including the Tackle Titan and the Money Pole, to help keep him organized throughout his day, as well as what he does to recover baits after they’ve been snagged on the bottom. Later in the afternoon, after the water temperature has a chance to warm up a few degrees, Clark and Frank start seeing more catches, and take note that the Strike King Pro Model 3XD crankbait is the bait of the day. At the very end of their time on the water, one of these two Bassmaster Elite Pro’s reels in a massive 7lb fish. Tune in and see which angler wins big bass of the day!

Review of TH Marine Money Pole

If you fish you’re going to get hung up it’s just that simple. This video reviews the TH Marine Money Pole and how it works to help you retrieve fishing lures

NEVER Lose Expensive Lures and Crankbaits Again Designed by Professional Angler and television personality Timmy Horton, this revolutionary new product, The Money Pole, is a rugged aluminum extendable pole that extends in three sections to 18 feet, reaching most deep running crankbaits.

Review of The Hydrowave

Bass Master Pros Frank Talley and Clark Wendlandt talk about how they feel the Hydrowave generates a few more bites close to the boat when fishing.

The HydroWave KVD H2 is a Marine Audio Device based on the reactive senses of a Bass and other predatory fish. The HydroWave H2 delivers the latest in patented, sound emitting technology, effectively imitating the audible underwater sounds of baitfish and fish-feeding activities. Research has proven these sounds stimulate feeding in game fish. In addition to the 16 sound patterns on the H2 Bass HydroWave, the KVD H2 has 9 additional sound patterns designed by Kevin VanDam for specific fishing situations:

• Shallow Power
• Shallow Finesse
• Vegetation
• Top Water Schooling
• Off Shore Structure
• Off Shore Schooling
• Off Shore Finesse
• Marinas/Docks
• Crawfish

Bass Pro Shops Big Bass Bash

It’s time for the Bass Pro Shops Big Bass Bash! The goal of this event is to reel in one big bite to win it all, and the winner of the event will bring home thousands of dollars in prizes and contingencies. The Big Bass Bash is a two day tournament, broken down into four sessions on day one, and three sessions on day two. Each of the sessions is presented by a different sponsor, giving anglers the opportunity to snag incredible sponsor prizes throughout the day by winning a session. Along with the tens of thousands of dollars in prizes and contingencies that are on the line this week, teams are also battling for valuable points towards the Bass Pro Shops School of the Year Presented by Abu Garcia.

The competition is fierce out on the water, and anglers are bringing back some huge catches with small margins between weights separating first place from tenth place in the overall leader boards. Tune in and find out which collegiate angler will reel in the biggest fish and win it all at the Bass Pro Shops Big Bass Bash!

A review of the Garmin Force after 1 year of usage

The Garmin Force trolling motor burst onto the scene and was widely received nationwide. Anglers at all skill levels put it to the test but how did it perform for touring pro Clark Wendlandt from Texas to Canada? Here is the recap after using it for a full year.

Review of Strike King Rage Cut-R Worm

Widely regarded as Strike King’s most versatile worm ever, the Strike King Rage Cut-R Worm can be flipped, pitched, Texas-rigged, Carolina-rigged, swam weightless or fished on a weighted hook. Clark Wendlandt reviews this bait that features a Strike King’s Rage Tail with a customized hi-grade plastic formulation. The Rage flange on the tail delivers the fastest tail flicker rate on the market.

Measuring in at 6-inches, the Strike King Rage Cut-R is also a great choice on a drop shot or split shot. Any way you fish it, the Strike King Rage Cut-R is too much for bass to resist. Rage Tail – Soft Baits with Big Attitudes. Find out what the Rage is about in this video on and off the water with Bass Master AOY Winner Clark Wendlandt.

IFA Redfish Tour – Port Aransas Texas

We’re bringing you coverage of the IFA Redfish Tour that was recently held right here in Port Aransas. Port Aransas began as a fishing port and a fishing town, and has since turned into something more. With a healthy fishing marina, Port A loves bringing in as many tournaments as possible, and the hospitality and kindness shown by the locals and the Port Aransas Tourism Bureau and Chamber of Commerce is what has the IFA Redfish Tour returning to these pristine waters year after year. With a total cash purse worth just over $40,000, and a Ranger RB190 awaiting the first place team, 54 teams eagerly duked it out on the coastal waters of Port Aransas. Tune in and find out how this premiere grass roots in-shore tournament panned out!

A Weekend Getaway at Port Aransas Texas

We’re taking a look back on some trips we’ve taken to one of our favorite Gulf Coast hot spots, Port Aransas, Texas and its surrounding areas! Port Aransas is known for its sprawling shore lines, year-round outdoor activities, and unlimited options when it comes to dining on some of the best freshly caught seafood. From sport fishing, parasailing, and dolphin watching, to taking a stroll through the streets and visiting all of the local shops, galleries, and restaurants, Port Aransas boasts the island life and is one of the only tourist destinations that has something for everyone!

On this throwback we’re revisiting when Wade Middleton and Clark Wendlandt took their wives out to the coast for a relaxing weekend getaway and good times on the water. After loading up on their baits and getting all of their lines tined, they jetted out across the water to kick off the first day of their vacation! One of the best things about fishing at the coast is you never know what you’re going to catch, and as the day wears on, we’ll see everyone reeling in all kinds of species of fish, making for one memorable day on the water. On the second day of their Port A stay, the girls stayed behind to enjoy some local shopping, and Wade and Clark headed back out to sea to a familiar jetty Wade has fished around before. Once again Port Aransas does not disappoint, and while fishing off the jetties Wade and Clark get tons of bites, and more importantly, reel in tons of quality redfish and trout that will make for a delicious fish fry later that evening!

Fishing with the Stupid Tube on Lake Beshear

We’re on a quest for the best tips and tricks in bass fishing, and we’ll be hanging out in Kentucky on Lake Beshear with Terry McWilliams and Jeff Reynolds. Terry is best known as the pioneer of the Stupid Tube™ made by Secret Lures. This little tube has taken him from fishing several local state tournaments, all the way up to landing him a fourth place finish in the 2007 Bassmaster Classic. Join us as we get an in depth look at how this tube and jig head expertly work together as a rigging system that is guaranteed to reel in lots of fish into your boat!

Cranking with Mike McClelland

We’re hanging out in Central Texas where Mike McClelland is showing us his insider secrets when it comes to crankbait fishing on Fayette County Reservoir! Mike will be covering which crank baits to use depending on the depth you want to fish at, what time of year is best to use crank baits, how to set up your electronics, and what type of rod and line to use on the water. When you follow these tips and tricks that Mike McClelland has to share with us today, you’ll reel a ton of fish into your boat and quickly see why they are the personal favorite of many professional anglers!