FRC In Seychelles

Curtis along with his youngest daughter Autumn and longtime friend Rick Heim travel half-way across the world to the Seychelles Islands to check off some bucket list fish on the fly. Alphonse Fishing Company and their staff not only spoils the Crew, with flawless guidance the put them in position to throw a fly at some of the most epic fish in the world! The adventures in the Seychelles Islands will never leave the fond memories of the entire crew of FRC.

Wintering In Almost Heaven

Curtis shows off not only how great the Trout fishing can be during the winter months in the mountains of WV, but also takes in the Canaan Valley/Blackwater Falls area. Also he will be showing his viewers a brand new secret fly!!

Alaska Pike On The Fly

Curtis and the Crew head to Alaska to chase Northern Pike on the Fly with good friend Captain James Johnson from Katmai Trophy Lodge. Although Curtis loses his composure along with a large pike, after a good night’s rest, he and James returns for Redemption!

Yellow Creek PA

Curtis travels North to PA to fish Yellow Creek with good friend, Steve Renosky, and guide Bobby Kish. The stellar guides put them on not only some large hefty fish on the fly, but a variety of fish. Yellow is not the only color that Curtis admires as he watches the rise of the trout and throws his line for a chance of a closer encounter.

On The Upper Gauley River

It’s gauley season on the world-renowned waters of the Upper Gauley River in Fayetteville, West Virginia. The autumn leaves are at their peak when Curtis travels down Route 79 to chase some smallmouth bass. Not only does Curtis catch some perfect smallmouth bass on the fly, he decides he is up to the challenge to raft one of the country’s most anticipated rafting trip. Adventures on the Gorge hosted the FRC crew as they experienced an adrenaline rush like no other as the recreational whitewater release left their hearts racing. As coveted as the gauley season is to the rafting communities, the country music community covets the talents of Nashville’s Country Music Artist, George Shingleton. In honor of the West Virginia State Troopers who protect and serve the mountaineers of West Virginia, George hosted a private concert to honor them for their service.

FRC Family In Patagonia

It seems like yesterday that Curtis’ daughters, Laken and Autumn, put a fly rod in their hands for the first time. Now all grown up, Curtis took advantage of an opportunity to fish together again. Curtis rounds up his family and friends and travels down to the beautiful landscapes of Patagonia. The family made quick lifetime friends with Gonzala and Laura at Argentina Waters. Celebrating the amazing catches on the tranquil lakes and streams in addition to bringing in the New Year of 2020 with the staff of Argentina Waters was chronicled like no other journey travelled.

West Virginia Bugs On Slaty

“Let’s Go! Mountaineers!” echoed in Curtis’ head as he takes Evan Staley, WVU’s award winning kicker, with him on a road trip rambling on those country roads through the great state of West Virginia to the storied Slaty Fork River. Curtis takes Evan on a challenging hike back into some of the untouched waters of West Virginia where wild brown and rainbow trout are laying in wait for a challenge. On waters downstream of the Snowshoe Resort, Curtis and Evan take full advantage of the bursting annual famous Sulphur hatch that makes these fish vulnerable to a matched dry fly.

North Georgia On The Fly

Like many other treasured annual events, the Westervelt Ecological Services Conservation Fly Fishing trip was cancelled. The amazing folks from Westervelt weren’t about to let COVID dampen their spirits. With sincere generosity, they donated the trip to a former patient of the WVU Medicine Children’s Hospital. Winning the battle with leukemia, Curtis takes an amazing young man, Brett, with him on his journey to North Georgia. A fly-fishing trip of a lifetime with such a strong, determined mountaineer was another amazing adventure to add to the chronicles. Brett, alongside his best friend and father, Andy, get onboard with the crew to North Georgia. Dry Fly John takes the FRC group on a path of fishing that did not allow any time for worries, regrets, or fears. A perfect day ending with a serious bonus. Country Music Artist, Thomas Fountain, performed a private concert in Brett’s honor and to all of those who have to fight incredible battles.

Golden Dorado On The Fly

Predatory freshwater fish with sharp teeth and powerful jaws becomes a bucket list check off as Curtis journeys to South America to experience the fierce tug of the Golden Dorados. While in the vicinity of these beasts sometimes called the River Tigers, it was too tempting for Curtis to pass up. With his longtime friend, Rick, Curtis and the crew spend a couple days in Buenos Aires, catch a bus to the dense areas of the Argentinian jungle, and meet up with the stellar guides from the Don Joaquin River Lodge. To experience the chase on the fly is the Apex of the River, especially the bulging female catches, is worth the journey!

Floating On Greenbriar

Curtis is a patient man, but seventeen years is a long time to wait for such an incredible hatch. The 17-year Brood X Cicada Hatch was popping on the historic West Virginia Greenbrier River. New River Trophy Outfitters guides the crew as they finally reap the benefits of the special hatch leading to hefty smallmouth bass catches.