Deep Winter Bassin’

Kayak Fishing in the middle of Winter? YES, and you’ll see why… AJ and Jay visit Cedar Creek Lake in Kentucky for their annual bass trip. Tossing large swimbaits and fishing deep produces BIG bites!

Magdalena Bay Part 3 – Popping and Jigging

We’re kayak fishing for yellowfin tuna, other pelagic species, and bottom fish on the Thetis Bank. Topwater explosions on poppers and heavy bites on deep jigs is what we’re after, so come along for the ride and see what fishing an offshore high spot from a Hobie kayak is all about.

Magdalena Bay Part 2 – Marlin Mayhem

Marlin from the kayak! Hang on for an epic ride as our anglers target huge striped marlin and get towed at high speeds by these acrobatic fish. Wahoo and mahi-mahi are also on the offshore agenda!

Magdalena Bay Part 1 – The Mangroves

In Part 1 of the Mag Bay Adventure Series, we explore a unique and biologically diverse ecosystem of the Baja peninsula. Our group of kayak anglers find steady fishing for golden trevally and orangemouth corvina in these calm waters teaming with life, surrounded by sand dunes and mangrove forests.

2021 Hobie Bass Fishing Championship

The top 50 anglers who qualified for the Tournament of Champions battle it out in the finale of the 2021 Hobie Bass Open Series. With $75,000 in payouts on the line, our anglers take to the water on Lake Eufaula, Alabama in this 3-day event. Join us as we crown a new champion!

Kayak Fishing Pensacola

Tampa Redfish with Jerry McBride

We meet up with longtime friend Jerry McBride to test out a new fishing kayak on a beautiful waterway filled with grass flats, channels and mangrove edges. It’s the perfect area to fish from a Hobie and it’s loaded with fish!

Musky or Bust

In the middle of Winter, Morgan travels to Virginia to meet up with Kristine Fischer, as these two anglers brave the cold in search of the famed muskellunge that inhabit the James River. Known as “the fish of a thousand casts”, will our anglers tempt these kings of the river to bite?

2020 Hobie Bass Open Series – Tournament of Champions

The Top 50 Kayak Bass Anglers in the country battle it out for $62,000, big sponsored prizes and bragging rights in the grand finale of the 2020 Hobie Bass Open Series season: The Tournament of Champions! Follow along as we capture the action, triumphs and heartbreaks that make competitive kayak bass fishing a fast growing sport.