Air Bows and Air Guns For Hunting

This week on Americana Outdoors presented by Garmin, we’re diving into a whole new world of hunting using air bows and air guns! The sport of hunting with air rifles has grown in popularity over the last several years, but what exactly are Air Bows and Air Guns, and how do they perform under pressure in real world scenarios? We’ve had the opportunity to take both the Umarex Airsaber Air Archery Rifle and the .50 Caliber Umarex Hammer Hunting Rifle out to the field on multiple hunts and witnessed first hand the sheer power of these hunting applications.

To kick things off, we’ll be joining Michael Wersig for an exciting hog hunt where he used the Umarex AirSaber Air Archery Rifle for the first time. The Umarex Airsaber is capable of being charged up to 3,625 PSI, and can shoot up to 450 feet per second, which makes it an incredible hunting platform. After Michael takes some time to give us the run down on this hunting platform and shows us how to properly charge it, he’ll take the AirSaber high up in a tripod and we’ll have the chance to watch this lethal mode of hunting in action!

After having a chance to witness just how powerful the Umarex AirSaber is in the field, we’ll take a look at another hunting platform from Umarex, the .50 Caliber Umarex Hammer Hunting Rifle. This American-made .50 Cal Umarex Hammer is the perfect air rifle for hunters and shooting enthusiasts alike thanks to its innovative engineering. As the creators over at Umarex will tell you, “The Hammer didn’t alter the laws of physics, it just took advantage of them.” For our first outing with this rifle we’ll check out a couple hunts where the Hammer defied those laws and helped Kevin Giesecke take down some animals that have been on his bucket list for a long time!

As we tested out the .50 Cal Umarex Hammer, A key feature that caught our attention was that it only took about two pounds of effort to operate it’s straight-pull bolt, cock the rifle, and advance the two shot magazine. As with learning any new hunting platform, things don’t always go according to plan, and we put that magazine and bolt action to the test on a Sika hunt recently when Michael Wersig had to think fast to put the animal on the ground.

For our last field test with the .50 Cal Umarex Hammer, Michael wanted to see how this incredible rifle would hold up against a whitetail buck and headed out to the field for an evening hunt. As the daylight began to fade into darkness, Michael was running out of legal shooting light when one of the nicest bucks he’d seen walks into frame. Tune in and see what will make Michael say, “Hunting with any platform… If you can have confidence in it that you can make an ethical shot, if it’s going to have the power to make an ethical kill… it’s a blast!”

After putting the Umarex AirSaber and the Umarex Hammer through the wringer and testing them out on a variety of animals, we feel these well-thought out products are shooter friendly, have sleek and modern appearances, and are functional for any avid outdoorsman and shooting enthusiasts. In every state there’s a lot of regulations on using air guns and air bows. Be sure to know your state’s laws regarding these hunting applications and know how to use them to make a clean, ethical kill, and get out there and have fun with these shooting platforms that are taking hunting world by storm!

The Fun Of Turkey Hunting

This week on Americana Outdoors presented by Garmin, it’s all about the fun and thrilling adventures that come with turkey hunting! Over the years we’ve seen so many exciting turkey hunts, from putting them down at the Yamaha Turkey Bass Smash, to just going out to test new products and fill the freezer, and every time we go out for one of these encounters we have a good time.

We’ll kick things off with Wade giving us the run down on all things turkey. According to him, the possibilities for hunting turkeys are endless. You can hit the field with compound bows, crossbows, shotguns, and handguns, whatever feels most comfortable for you as the hunter. On the history of this show we’ve also seen a myriad of hunting techniques, some guys prefer to run ’n gun, and others prefer to find a good hiding spot near a roost and call in the toms. Again, it’s all about what works best for you and your hunting style. In Wade’s opinion, one of the most fun aspects of turkey hunting is the conversations he can have with the turkeys when using his calls. Using this approach he lets the turkeys tell him what he needs to do, whether that means he’s running and gunning, or if he’s sitting back and letting them come to him. Another important factor to keep in mind when turkey hunting is what sights you’re using, and Wade will give us his thoughts on choosing sights, and what he personally looks for to get the best shot placement possible.

Later in the show, we’ll hit the field with Wade for a Springtime turkey hunt where he’ll quickly learn that today’s hunt is all about being patient and waiting for the turkeys to come to him. We’ll hear lots of turkey calls, and lots of gobbles! Speaking of calls and gobbles, before the hunt is over we’ll get some great advice for how to approach the daunting task of picking out the best turkey call for you. With over 200 options of box calls, slate calls, and mouth calls to choose from, you won’t want to miss out on the advice Wade has when searching for that perfect call.

As the day is coming to an end, a gaggle of toms appear in the distance, and it’s not long before one of the biggest rio’s Wade has seen presents a perfect shot opportunity. Tune in and see how Wade gets a shot off on this bird, and stay tuned through the end to get a breakdown of all the gear Wade hunts with today!

Fishing For Largemouth Bass With The PROS

This week on Americana Outdoors presented by Garmin, we’re hitting the water with professional bass fishing legends straight out of Texas as they show us their tips and tricks for catching largemouth bass! To kick things off, we’re meeting up with Clark Wendlandt and Keith Combs on Choke Canyon reservoir.

We’re hitting Choke at a bit of an odd time. With the lake in between waves of spawners and the first major cold front of the season passing through, the best way to describe the fish is scattered, meaning Clark and Keith have to work a little harder to figure out where the fish are hiding and what will trigger a bite. While the early half of the day mostly consisted of reeling in smaller bass, the water temperatures warmed up ever so slightly in the afternoon, and they stumbled upon an area with fish ready to bite when Clark stirred up a flurry!

By the end of Clark and Keith’s first day on the water, we see just how important it is to understand weather and water conditions, along with knowing which bait and hook combos to throw at the right time. We also know that line choice is equally as important to our success on the water, and we’ll get a special inside look into what Clark’s line of choice is when it comes to crankbait fishing.

As anyone who spends an ample amount of time outdoors and on the water knows, what works to make the fish bite one day may become completely uninteresting to them the next. On day two of Clark and Keith fishing together, and with an almost thirty degree air temperature increase and warmer waters, we’ll see a dramatic change in what triggers fish to bite!

Up next we’re hoping over to the waters of Lake Fairfield with Clark Wendlandt and Frank Talley. Just as we’ve seen earlier in the show, Clark and Frank are also fishing in cold weather with water temperatures in the high forties. The fish are lethargic, and the guys are pulling out all the stops to figure out how they need to position themselves to have the best chances of reeling ‘em in. One tool they’re using to gather information and to best figure out what’s happening below their boat is Garmin Livescope. Not long after Clark and Frank discuss the benefits of using Garmin Livescope, we’ll have the chance to see a fish react on screen, and you won’t want to miss out on the monster of a bass Clark reels in!

To wrap up fishing with the pro’s, we’ll also get some insider scoop on why the pro’s choose certain colors of baits, and their preferences when it comes to selecting rods for jerkbait fishing. Take it from these seasoned vets, a pro’s approach to finding and catching fish is all about using their gear to its fullest potential, and constantly thinking about what else they can use to their advantage to do better than their last cast. Pay attention to the weather conditions, learn how fish behave in different water temperatures and know what phase of the spawn they’re in, throw a lot of baits, and have a lot of fun!

The National Walleye Tour

This week on Americana Outdoors presented by Garmin, we’re covering the 2021 season of the National Walleye Tour Presented by Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s. Featuring a regular season and a championship, this tour provides the highest level of competitive walleye fishing available that offers unparalleled media coverage and a payout that’s unmatched in tournament walleye fishing.

We started the regular season off in late April, with favorable conditions on Lake Francis Case in Chamberlain-Oacoma, South Dakota. With 113 boats on the water, anglers were competing for a purse worth over $410,000. After a competitive two days of fishing, pro angler Chase Parsons took home the win on the first stop of the tour and a prize package worth $91,922.

The next stop took us to Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin for the first time in five years. We wasted no time getting on the water as an impending cold front with dangerous winds was threatening the chances for fishing on day two. By the end of day one, Daniel Woodke nabbed the first place spot with a strong lead of 39.44 lbs. The next morning, a small craft advisory was issued and tournament officials made the call to cancel day two of competition, which meant Daniel Woodke claimed the victory at the second stop of the tour and a prize package worth $93,022!

Stop number three of the 2021 National Walleye Tour brought our competitors back to familiar territory on Lake Erie in Huron, Ohio. Lake Erie certainly did not disappoint and we saw fish catch after fish catch out in the field. When all was said and done, there was only a 1.68 lb difference between 3rd place and 1st, and Bill Sutton took home the trophy and a $93,756 prize package!

The fourth and final stop of the regular season brought our competitors to MoBridge, South Dakota where they fished on Lake Oahe. Once again we saw some competitive fishing out on the water, and when we came back to the scales for the final weigh in, Kent Andersen took home the final 1st place title of the regular season with a 40.75 lb bag and a prize package worth $79,595!

The 2021 National Walleye Tour presented by Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s made its final stop on Otter Tail Lake in West Central Minnesota. Capping off an incredible season that paid out more than one and a quarter million dollars, the top forty anglers in both divisions qualified for the chance to cash in one more check, and for a chance to carry home the 2021 championship trophy. At the end of the tournament, the most prestigious title in walleye fishing will be decided, the Lucas Oil Angler of the Year. We’ve got the top forty pro’s and co’s fishing for two days, with a cut to the top ten in each division for the final day. On the Pro side, there is $366,330 up for grabs, and on the co-angler side, $79,765.

Over the course of the first two days we saw all of the highs and lows that come with tournament fishing, from watching leaders fall completely out of contention, to competitors coming from behind to lock in a place in the top ten going into day three. Who will take home the first place grand prize? Who will come out on top with the prestigious Lucas Oil Angler of the Year title? You won’t want to miss the exciting ending to this season of the National Walleye Tour presented by Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s!

How The Pros Setup Electronics On Their Bass Boat For Success

This week on Americana Outdoors presented by Garmin, we’ll be meeting up with some of the top dogs in the bass fishing world as they give us insight into how they like to set up their Garmin Electronics to give them the best advantage on the water, and, watch them reel in some giants along the way!

We’ll kick the morning off with Bassmaster Classic winner Alton Jones at Fayette County Reservoir where he’s using his Garmin Livescope™ for fishing shallow waters. Right from the start, we’ll see how he uses Livescope™ to find vegetation and specific sweet spots where fish like to hang around. As Alton will tell us, “You need to learn how to use Livescope™ to determine the mood of the fish, which will tell you what baits you need to throw, and how you need to work those baits, in order to trigger those strikes.” Throughout our time on the water with Alton he’ll also give us some great tips about how he likes to set up his Garmin Electronics to give him an advantage on the water, from utilizing short cut keys, to creating waypoints to keep track of his past success, and current success in locating fish on this very lake. By the end of the day, Alton will have reeled in a ton of large fish, all thanks to the Garmin Livescope™.

Next up we’ll round out our time at Fayette County Reservoir with pro angler Tom Redington, where we’ll get more insight into how we can best take advantage of Garmin Livescope™, and increase our chances of finding those big fish. As Redington says, “Now with Livescope™, I see the fish, or I see the target, every single cast. I’m efficient, I’m always casting right to them. It has totally changed the game where you’re not just throwing into space, you’re throwing at a fish all the time. Livescope™, it’s revolutionary.” While we’re with Tom, we’ll learn how to set up our depth shading on the screens, and how to create waypoints to make ourselves more efficient anglers. Just like with Alton, by the end of the day, Tom will have reeled in several large fish, and as far as Livescope™ is concerned, you just have to get out on the water and try it out for yourself!

What Is College Bass Fishing

This week on Americana Outdoors presented by Garmin, we’re giving you an in-depth look at the Association of Collegiate anglers, and the longest running college bass fishing trail in the history of college sports, the Bass Pro Shops Collegiate Bass Fishing Series.

We’ll kick things off with the first event of every spring, The Bass Pro Shops Big Bass Bash presented by Berkley. Day one of this tournament consists of a total of four weigh-in sessions that pay out the top ten finishing spots per session, and day two will hold three weigh-in sessions, with the first two paying out the top ten finishing spots, and session three paying out the top twenty. The stakes are high with this tournament as it will play a key role in determining the 2021 Bass Pro Shops School of the Year presented by Abu Garcia at the year end championship.

Nearly 200 boats full of college anglers descended upon Kentucky Lake for their chance at a piece of the $40,000 cash purse and those valuable School of the Year points. Tune in to find out which anglers will win each session, and who will go home crowned the overall winner of the Bass Pro Shops Big Bass Bash presented by Berkley!

Next up, the Pickwick Slam is a two-day, no-entry fee event that pays out the top 20 finishing spots with $30,000 in prizes and contingencies up for grabs. The winning team of the Pickwick Slam earns 1,000 points for their respective school, which can make or break the season for many schools on the playing field. Over the two day course of fishing, Pickwick Lake showed out and produce big fish after big fish. Collegiate anglers fought tooth and nail to hit their limits and bring large numbers back to the scales.

The season closes out with the 2021 BoatUS Collegiate Bass Fishing Championship presented by Bass Pro Shops. Anglers competed for two full days for a chance to be crowned the national champions, and to find out who would earn the title of the Bass Pro Shops School of the Year Presented by Abu Garcia.

Day one on Lake Murray saw a hefty load of fish reeled in across the field, and after a full day of fishing, the teams arrived back at the scales with some impressive weights. Day two continued the trend of big bass being reeled in left and right, and teams showed no mercy in the race for the championship title. Tune in to see the dramatic ending to the day!

In the fall, each new season of the Bass Pro Shops Collegiate Bass Fishing Series kicks off with the AFTCO Collegiate Bass Open on Lake Dardanelle in Russellville, Arkansas. This is also the first ACA event of the season that counts as double points towards the Bass Pro Shops School of the Year presented by Abu Garcia, and the first event that will award the top five finishers an automatic qualification to the 2022 Boat U.S. Collegiate Bass Fishing Championship presented by Bass Pro Shops in the summer.

After learning a little bit about our host city of Russellville Arkansas, and the historic Lake Dardanelle that we’ll be fishing during this tournament, we’ll join the action on day two where we will see the anglers fighting tooth and nail for an AFTCO Open victory. When we meet at the scales, we will see which teams finish at the top, and which school will earn 1,250 valuable School Of the Year points for their university’s overall point total!

For a full schedule of the upcoming twenty twenty two Bass Pro Shops Collegiate Bass Fishing Series and to keep up with the latest news, you can head on over to!

A How-To Look At Rigging Out Your Boat

This week on Americana Outdoors presented by Garmin, we’re tackling a task in the fishing world that can sometimes seem a little daunting if you haven’t done it before: rigging out your boat. We’re starting off the effort inside the Shop of the San Antonio Premier Yamaha Boating Center.

When you dive into any rigging effort on a new or old boat the first thing we suggest is having a good detailed plan and understanding of the task ahead. As we spend time in the Premier Yamaha Boating Center, we’ll go over how to mount Power-Poles, a Yamaha V6 V MAX SHO® Outboard, and the ATLAS™ Heavy Duty Hydraulic Jack Plate by TH Marine to your Ranger bass boat.

Next up, we’ll meet up with the Garmin Technical Staff as they give us a thorough walk through of how to set up the NMEA Network that will allow all of Wade’s NMEA compatible Garmin electronic units to communicate with one another. From the Garmin GPS 24XD module, to EchoMap™ Ultra 126UV units, to the Force® Trolling Motor, we’ll show you how to get your system up and running without a hitch!

Once we have our NMEA system up and running, it’s time to set up our units and get them updated with the latest software versions. We’ll have step by step guides for updating your graphs, and for how to assign memory cards for various purposes, such as saving waypoints and screenshots from your sonar. Lastly, we’ll hit the water to round out setting up your Garmin Force® Trolling Motor and Livescope™ units. As we mentioned from the beginning, boat rigging can seem a little daunting, but we hope that by the end of this episode, any and all questions you may have about boat rigging have been answered!

Bass Fishing: What’s New In 2022?

Every year big names in the fishing industry like Garmin, Bass Pro Shops, AFTCO and more, discover new ways to take their products to the next level and this year is no exception! We’re seeing upgraded baits from the likes of Secret Lures and SPRO, the best line options from Sunline, and AFTCO is breaking barriers with their newest Reaper hoodies! So strap in, because this episode of Americana Outdoors Presented by Garmin is going to cast all of the latest advancements in the fishing world your way!

First up, we’re going to take a look at how the Garmin Livescope™ changed the way anglers approach the waters. Livescope will give you all the information you need about what’s happening below your boat, and it’s a must have for any angler.

When it comes to new baits on the market, industry leaders certainly aren’t disappointing this year. From Secret Lures with their new Stupid Craw™ that’s proving to be irresistible to fish, to SPRO developing the latest addition to their amphibious line of baits with their new Flappin Frog 65, you’re sure to have success on the water! Another new bait we’re excited to announce is the XPS All-American Spinnerbait from Bass Pro Shops, that’s guaranteed to change the way you hit the water with a spinnerbait in hand! We’ll also show you an innovative new ball jig from Big Bite Baits, the Pendulate Jighead. This jighead has the ability to swivel, effectively eliminating line twists on the fall, and you won’t want to miss out on adding this jig to your collection! Gamakatsu is another big name in the fishing world that has several new products on the market this year! Some of their newest products include a Feathered Treble in their G-Finesse lineup, and the G-Power Flip and Punch, designed for flipping into heavy cover.

When you think about heading out on the water, no matter the time of year, you always want to be prepared for the forecast. AFTCO dominates the industry when it comes to providing anglers with top of the line outerwear for every season. From their brand new Reaper Technical Hoodie, to the Reaper Windproof Pullover, and the the all new Jason Christie Performance Shirt, AFTCO has you covered for any season you’re hitting the water!

You can have all the great new fishing baits and hooks on the market, but you can’t take any of that out on the water without some seriously durable line that holds up under pressure, and our favorite line to cast has always been Sunline. Some of the new products from Sunline this year include the Sokomaki Backing Line, and the new Maboroshi FC Leader, which is pure leader line featuring a repeating color pattern of green, moss green, gray, natural clear, and reddish brown.

That’s a wrap on our coverage of what’s new in 2022! From electronics and clothing, to baits and weights, to hooks and line and everything in between, industry leaders are continuing their traditions of out-doing themselves and creating better and better products, and you certainly won’t want to miss out on anything we’ll share with you today!

Offshore In Texas With The Champ

This week on Americana Outdoors Presented by Garmin, we’re going on an action packed offshore fishing adventure with Bill Platt and team Papotanic! The goal today is to hit the water bright and early to set sail across the Gulf of Mexico in search of large amberjacks, wahoos, cobia, and maybe even some large black fin tuna!

Team Papotanic is looking to cover close to three hundred miles round trip for this expedition, and the use of both Yamaha and Garmin electronics will give them peace of mind as they make that lengthy journey. At the helm of Bill’s boat we’ll find it decked out with two Garmin GPSMAP® 8616 units, a Garmin GSD™ 26 CHIRP Professional Sonar Module, and of course, the latest version of the Helm Master® EX from Yamaha. Throughout the day we’ll see how Bill uses these tools in conjunction with one another for superior boat control, navigating the waters, finding the big fish, and for staying on top of the fish.

To kick things off, the guys drop lines to catch dozens of live bait before they start looking for the big amberjacks. Once they have enough bait-fish in the boat, it’s game on in the battle of endurance against these monster sized fish. One after one, the crew puts everything they have into reeling in some larger than life amberjacks, each one followed by a celebration for a job well done. After having a pretty successful morning, the team have their sights set on catching even bigger fish, and bigger fish, means bigger bait. Using the Yamaha Helm Master® EX, Bill and the crew make their way over to another location near a shrimping boat with the intention of reeling in larger bonito fish as bait. Surrounded by a school of sharks and plenty of fish, it’s here where they set their sights on a gorgeous black fin tuna lurking below. After putting in a good hour of work at this location, Johnny Walker finally gets a hook in the tuna’s mouth, and it’s a battle of sheer will to get him in the boat.

As Team Papotanic comes up on the end of an exhausting but exhilarating day of fishing, Bill hooks a behemoth of an amberjack deep below the water’s surface. Tune in and find out if Bill wins this battle, or if the monster amberjack will break loose and become another fisherman’s tale!

Deer Hunting In Kentucky

This week on Americana Outdoors presented by Garmin, we’re back in Kentucky for our annual week long stay at Salt River Outfitters for the opening weekend of whitetail bow season! This marks the fifth year in a row that we’ve returned to Kentucky for the opening weekend of bow season, and every year we’re blown away by the gorgeous scenery and plentiful wildlife all around us. In camp with us this year we have the full Careco crew, with Wade Middleton, Steve Nessl, and Scott Newby, hitting the field in search of some big whitetails in velvet. One of the things we love about returning to Salt River Outfitters is the community that has formed around velvet week. Often times we’ll see the same guests around camp and we’ve had the great fortune to form life long friendships with these folks. To learn more about Salt River Outfitters and book your very own hunt with them, visit!

Before we head out to the field, we’ll take a look at how the team will be navigating the vast stretches of terrain here in Kentucky by using Yamaha Side-By-Side vehicles. The entire lineup of ATV’s and Side-By-Sides are available to you as a bow hunter, whether you’re looking to use it to haul out gear or haul in that buck of a lifetime, Side-By-Sides are the perfect crossover for both utility and recreational use. As Steve will tell us, “Realistically, what someone can expect when they get a Side-By-Side is not having to buy another Side-By-Side for a really long time.” Yamaha stands behind their guarantee for capability, comfort, and confidence. Head on over to to shop the full lineup of Side-By-Side vehicles!

It’s opening day of bow season, and we’re heading out to the field with Steve Nessl to an area he knows is loaded with great Kentucky bucks. He’s not in the tree stand for very long before a doe appears, followed by two decently sized bucks. Not much more time passes before an absolute giant of a Kentucky velvet whitetail emerges along the tree line in front of him. Tune in and see how this heart-pounding encounter unravels!

Up next, we’re hitting the field with Wade Middleton on day two of opening weekend. He’s headed out to the same honey hole he hunted yesterday, and while he may not have tagged a deer on opening day, he still saw plenty of action in the field to get him pumped up for what today may bring. Just as we saw with Steve’s hunt, it doesn’t take long before Wade is surrounded by a large group of bachelor bucks, and we mean, surrounded. Left and right it’s a smorgasbord of deer, and once Wade finally sets his sights on the one he wants, it’s game on. The arrow flew and was a clean pass through, and yet, that tough deer did not want to go down. To show the deer the respect it deserves, he backed out for the night and decided to come back the next morning. What follows is one of the longest tracks we’ve ever experienced. Tune in and see if Wade will recover this deer, or if he’ll go down as, “the one who got away.”

To round out our Kentucky trip, we’re heading out to the field with the bow hunting, “newbie,” of the group. But first, let’s rewind to day one and see how the introduction of Scott Newby’s bow hunting experience unfolded. For months leading up to this day Scott has practiced shooting his bow at home, and spent even more time dialing it in here at camp before the season officially kicked off, and now, his moment has finally arrived. On day one, a huge velvet buck appeared and earned himself the name, “Hook,” thanks to a wayward tine. Unfortunately, Hook does not present any good shot opportunities on the first sit, but that never broke Scott’s spirits or determination. Find out if Scott ends up bringing home this unique buck of a lifetime!