Season 3 Episode 13

Growing typical whitetails is extremely difficult. Genetics are tricky but Doug has been able to work his magic for over two decades.

Season 3 Episode 12

New Products! Watch this week as we dive in to how Conquest Scents has helped so many hunters and what new product is on the horizon.


Season 3 Episode 11

This week on Conquest 200 we see what happens when we have excess buck on the farm.

Season 3 Episode 10

This week on Conquest 200 we take a look at what happens in that first week of a fawn being born and what could possibly go wrong.

Season 3 Episode 9

Springtime means changes to the farm. Big projects are happening and sometimes accidents happen. Watch what happens this week on Conquest 200.

Season 3 Episode 8

This week on Conquest 200 superstars fawns are born. The scent team also has troubles with the largest order in company history and Doug and Karen try to enjoy their family vacation.

Season 3 Episode 7

This week on Conquest 200, Doug Roberts attends the annual NADeFA convention. This years hot topic — Chronic Wasting Disease.

Season 3 Episode 6

Doug Roberts has a deep love for the Whitetail Deer and in this episode we hear him talk about why he became a deer farmer, some characteristics of the Whitetail and how winter brings new challenges. Then we head over to the United Deer Farmers Convention where Doug has the opportunity to talk with other deer farmers about genetics, legislature and other topics concerning their industry.

Season 3 Episode 5

Being a deer farmer in the winter is unlike any farmer. Watch as the farm prepares for a big winter storm and how to ensure the deer remain healthy.

Season 3 Episode 4

The ConQuest team heads to Louisville, Kentucky for the annual ATA Tradeshow. Back at the farm, a new employee starts and gets acquainted with how the farm operates.