Changing Patterns on Choke Canyon Reservoir

We’ve said it a thousand times it seems, but fish patterns can change at a moment’s notice based upon a variety of factors. On this episode of the Fisherman’s Handbook, we are going to focus on fish patterns during the early spring time. Wade, along with two separate guests, takes to Choke Canyon Reservoir in consecutive weeks to show exactly how quickly and drastically the fish can change up during this time of the year.

To start off the episode, Wade is joined by good friend Mike Hawkes on a cloudy, windy morning as a front blows through. Early on, the duo begins by getting bites on spinnerbaits worked along windy shorelines. However, as the day progresses the front blows through and gives way to clear skies and calm winds. This change in conditions causes them to slow down and work weightless worms around the same creek channel swings and cover that were working earlier in the day.

In the final half of this show, Wade returns back to Choke Canyon Reservoir, this time with Clark Wendlandt. A warming pattern has set in throughout the area, and fish are flooding the shallow to scout out the ideal spawning area. Wade and Clark pick apart holes in the grass by running swimbaits through these high percentage areas. The fish bite like crazy with the warming trend, and it quickly becomes obvious that the two have dialed in on the productive pattern for that day.