Choke Canyon Bass Fishing And What’s New In Fishing

This week on Americana Outdoors, we’re taking a look at how some pro anglers approach the tricky task of fishing flooded lakes, and what some of their favorite tools are to use in these circumstances.  Over the last few years, Choke Canyon has been through the ringer.  Once regarded as one of the best big bass fishing sites in Texas, it was nearly written off after suffering low water levels and drought several years ago.  Now, after seeing some pretty intense flooding in the last couple years, Choke Canyon is slowing climbing its way back up the ranks of popular fishing locations.  Wade and his childhood pal Jeff Kriet are on the water getting a feel for this reservoirs makeover.

When fishing flooded waters,  most anglers will tell you the first thing they try to do is get to the bank. This is because the water is going to be shallower and that’s where the fish are going to be congregating. However, sometimes that can prove to be difficult when there’s so much cover to get through and you’re navigating between bushes and trees every few feet. In those circumstances, you want to cover as much area as possible and look for shallow areas where the fish may be bedding. As we will see with Wade and Jeff, they’ll have the most luck when they find themselves in the shallowest areas of their fishing site!

In this episode we’re also heading over to ICAST 2019 and taking a look at new gear our sponsors have developed for anglers. Garmin has joined the trolling motor scene with their brand new, state of the art Garmin Force™ trolling motor! This trolling motor has everything anglers have been asking for, ranging from top speed performance capability, to total integration between trolling motor and electronics, and ability to pass the ultimate quiet test! We’re also taking a look at new baits from Big Bite Baits, and a new fluorocarbon line from Sunline that will work to an anglers advantage when fishing flooded waters!

Last up as Wade and Jeff wrap up their day, Jeff gives us some insight on one of his favorite baits to use from Big Bite Baits when he’s fishing any kind of flooded waters, and also how to rig and work the bait for best results.