Cranking Rocks, Dragging Ledges, and Junk Fishing

This week on Americana Outdoors, we’re revisiting several fishing trips where we experimented with throwing baits of varying colors and sizes to reel in the most catches possible.   First up, we’re looking at a trip where Wade Middleton and Jeff Reynolds discovered that the bait of the day was a Little Jon Crankbait.  Crankbaits are a great way to search areas that fish may be hiding and cover lots of water when you’re looking for largemouth, spotted bass, or smallmouth along rock banks, dams, or similar types of structure. Often times it’s the person tossing one color of bait that best mimics the color of the bait-fish, or the bait that shows up best in the conditions, that will get the most bites. Now, we all know Jeff will be the first to admit that crankbait fishing is not his favorite way to fish. However, on a day like today where Wade is reeling in fish, after fish, after fish, and he hasn’t caught one, it’s hard to deny the benefit of switching up your style and trying something new. It’s not long before Jeff ties a crankbait onto his own line and immediately starts to see a difference!

Up next we’re joining Wade and Jeff on yet another outing on Lake LBJ, but this time the baits of the day are the MVP Football Jig and Ledge Shaker from Secret Lures, which are two baits that are right up Jeff’s alley! The MVP Football Jig allows an angler to really feel the bottom, as well as present the baits they’re using in a perfect manner when fishing off shore structures. The Ledge Shaker is another great tool that combines the proven concept of the Secret Lures Pivot Divot Head and the screw-lock bait attachment fo the Tail Shaker. In part two of Wade and Jeff fishing together, we’ll have a great opportunity to see these two baits in action, and also see why it’s a good idea to have more than one kind of bait tied on to your lines at any given time.

Next we’re hopping over to another legendary bass fishing location in Texas, Sam Rayburn Reservoir. With a massive thunderstorm looming in the forecast, Wade is out here throwing a variety of baits and seeing what triggers bites. From poppers on a dam, to jerkbaits on rocky points, and crankbaits, wacky worms, and frogs, there’s a plethora of baits you can choose from. The Spro McStick 95 in Blue Bandit is another favorite of Wade’s to throw. As Wade reels in yet another fish, he shares a valuable lesson for anglers watching. “When you can see a point and see the wind crashing along it, and right where you get that break, it might be one pound, it might be five pounds, but it’s a perfect ambush spot.” Another tool many anglers use while fishing is their electronics. Using mapping and sonar on your boat will help you locate areas that might hold fish.  It’s not uncommon for some anglers to spend more time looking at their electronics than fishing.  What they’re looking for can be anything from a jagged rough spot on the bottom, to a brush pile. Once they find this area and see the fish, all that searching pays off with immediate bites. The fun thing about today’s outing is that it’s simply about fun fishing. Throw what’s in front of you and see what bites. Don’t be afraid to try new things or learn new spots as you evolve as an angler. The most important take away, is to get out there and cast a line!