Crappie Fishing

This week on Americana Outdoors, we’re heading out for a fun filled day of crappie fishing with Wade Middleton, Jim Behnken, and our fishing guide Chase Hux! Wade and Jim go as far back as 25 five years of friendship, and Jim has watched Chase grow up from an outdoors loving kid, to an avid outdoorsman as an adult, so today is sure to be a fantastic day on the water with this trio!

Nothing sets up a long day of fishing better than stopping off at a local bait shop to stock up on snacks, get an insider scoop on what’s biting, and of course, to fill their coolers up with live minnows for bait. Today we’ll see the Engel Live Bait Drybox and Cooler in action as it works to keep up with the guys, and ensure the minnows stay fresh and lively with air temperatures in the triple digits, and water temps in the low to mid eighties. Chase will act as our guide today, and take us around Choke Canyon to the areas he knows through guiding with the company that he co-founded, are guaranteed to give us the most bites possible. Choke Canyon Charters offers options to choose between day trips out on the lake, or take extended stays at their beautiful lake side lodging sites. Choke Canyon Charters is one of the best places on this legendary Texas lake to take a guided fishing trip, so head on over to to book your fishing trip today!

While we’re out on the water, we’ll get some insider hints to the best ways to crappie fish, get an in-depth look at how using Gamin Livescope™ can give you an advantage on the water, and sit back and enjoy some good ol’ fashioned razzing between good friends!

To wrap up the show, we’re going to take a close look at a brand new jighead from Big Bite Baits that’s taking the fishing world by storm, and will surely be a crappie catchin’ magnet! As pro angler Mike McClelland will tell us, “one of the biggest trends over the past four or five years has definitely been the forward facing sonar… and this new Big Bite Pendulate Jighead is gonna be the perfect head anytime you’re wanting to vertical fish.” The Pendulate Jighead is available in four sizes, including an 1/8 oz, 3/16 oz, 1/4 oz, and 3/8 oz. This head is also sold in four different colors, including Bare Shad, Alewife, Shad, and Shore Minnow. Big Bite Baits designed this jig with a swivel molded directly into the head, which effectively eliminates line twist when the jig is falling. With this jig head you’ll have the ability to present the bait better, have less line twists, use a variety of baits to pair with the jig. To learn more about the Pendulate Jighead, visit!