Crossbow Hunting With The New TenPoint Vengent S440

We’re catching up with Michael Wersig, who has recently been getting more familiar with the world of crossbow hunting. For this hunt, he travels to the far west side of camp with the TenPoint Vengent S440 crossbow in hand. Measuring in at an incredible 5.8-inches wide, this crossbow is TenPoint’s fastest and narrowest forward draw crossbow in their lineup! When Michael gets to the blind, his hunt starts off relatively slow. But, it’s not long before wildlife starts coming in, and soon he sees a wide variety of animals! From Axis doe’s and six-pointers, to spikes and eight-pointers, Michael certainly gets a good variety of animals to see! In this hunt we also remember, no matter if you’ve hunted a hundred times or even a thousand times, every hunt can be just as exciting as your first hunting experience!