Danny Blandford on the All New Stupid Craw

We’re getting treated to a visit from the Secret Lures man himself, Danny Blandford! He’s filling us in on some of the exciting new features of this bait that make it so enticing for fish. According to Danny, this bait is, “3.7 inches of crawdad goodness that you’re going to want in your tackle box this year!” The Stupid Craw™ is labeled with two molded dots on its belly which act as a rigging guide and give your jig head perfect alignment when rigged. You’ll know you’ve aligned your bait correctly when the hook lies perfectly within the hook trough on the top of the bait that guarantees a weedless presentation. The Stupid Craw™ also boasts pinchers unlike anything fish have seen and create a natural flutter on the fall that trigger predatory reactions from fish! Lastly, the Stupid Craw also comes available in five vibrant colors that no fish can resist!