Deer Camp Adventures

This week on Americana Outdoors, we’re tagging along on a variety of hunts around deer camp in search of North America’s most widespread and popular deer among hunters… the Whitetail.
Whitetail deer have always been an integral component of human culture for food, clothing, sport, and tools for daily life. These impressive deer are the most sought after game animal in North America, with nearly thirty million whitetails roaming across the nation.  They are hunted with a wide range of methods and in a variety of locations, starting in the late summer when the deer are still in velvet, and going into the cold of the winter when the bucks are duking it out in the rut.
For a lot of hunters, simply being in the moment can make all the difference in their hunting experience. So many people can find something about a whitetail that gets them excited and gets their heart pounding.  Sometimes it’s the uniqueness of a majestic set of antlers that will inspire stories to tell your friends and families for years to come, and other times it may be the sheer knowledge that you’re filling the freezer and putting food on the table. Whitetail Deer can be an incredibly challenging and highly rewarding hunt, and when you have a chance to take one of these deer, whether it’s your first deer, or your one hundredth deer, the excitement is like none other, and you will walk away with a lifetime’s worth of memories to cherish!
To kick things off, we’re accompanying Wade Middleton high up in a tree stand for the opening weekend of bow season in Texas, where he’s on the lookout for a large whitetail buck. Opening weekend has always been a special weekend that every hunter looks forward to throughout the year, and this year is no exception. On day one, Wade saw some pretty impressive and quality deer, but none of them quite gave up the opportunity to put a shot on them. Today, he’s returning to the same location with the hopes of those deer showing back up. It’s not too long before one a great looking nine pointer reappears, now all that’s left is to put a good shot on him!
Next up, we’re joining Steve Nessl for a mid December hunt in Texas. The rut is in full swing and the weather is behaving as Texas weather typically behaves, with temperatures sitting at an unseasonable… 85 degrees. Despite the warm conditions, Steve and Wade are never ones to pass up an opportunity to hunt, and they’re taking the Yamaha Wolverine X4 out to a hillside bluff to glass for activity and see if Steve can get a shot on one of these great deer before the sun goes down. After waiting for a number of hours, Wade spots a shooter buck down below. Steve has to make a split second decision before this buck runs off for good!
To wrap up this day of deer camp adventures, David Draper is headed out to the field to set up in a pop up blind in a densely wooded area, where he’s using the TenPoint Vapor RS470, to take his first Texas whitetail. It’s been years since he’s had an opportunity to return to South Texas, so to say there’s a lot of excitement encompassing this hunt is an understatement. As he waits out the day in the pop up blind, Texas doesn’t disappoint with the amount of wildlife sightings he’s offered. That’s a great aspect about these South Texas hunts, you’ll never be bored. You’ll never just be watching one deer. There’s a plethora of wildlife in front of you, and when that perfect deer finally walks out in front of you, it makes the day an unforgettable one.
Today we’ve had the opportunity to witness the wide variety of ways in which hunters can enjoy and carry out their whitetail hunting experience.  No matter how they take cover or what their preferred means of taking one of these majestic animals may be, one theme remains constant… The joy and elation that washes over hunters when they bag a whitetail is universal, and if you’ve ever had the chance to hunt for a whitetail… Well, you know exactly the feeling we’re talking about!