Fayette County

On this episode of Fishing and Hunting Texas, we’re joining host Clark Wendlandt as he takes us on a walk down memory lane through some of his favorite trips to Fayette County Reservoir. For its size, Clark regards Fayette County as the very best lake he’s ever fished. It’s a little lake, it’s not very well known, but it has giant bass, and we’re about to be treated to several instances of catching big ones on this lake!

To kick things off, We’re revisiting a trip from several years back when Clark hit up Fayette for some summertime deep water fishing. According to Clark, offshore structure fishing at Fayette in the summertime is as good as he’s seen anywhere. You can get on those schools of fish that are big, and even though they’re pressured and finicky, you can have a lot of success as long as you can find what bait will make them bite. For Clark, he likes throwing large crankbaits, and his go-to’s for this situation are a Strike King 6XD, 8XD, or even a 10XD. Right from the beginning, Clark reels in a solid bass and continues to reel in keepers throughout his day. As Clark said, it’s all about finding the fish and figuring out what will trigger those bites. When it comes to finding schools of fish, Clark relies on the depth shading on his Garmin Electronics. As we wrap up our summertime fishing, we’ll meet up with pro angler Tom Redington on his recent trip to Fayette County where he’ll give us the rundown on how to set up and how to use depth shading on Garmin Electronics to its fullest potential!

Up next, we’re on the water with Clark and Wade Middleton. This outing came on the heels of Clark winning the coveted title of Angler of the Year at the Bassmaster Classic, and not only do we get to see Clark and Wade reel in some impressive fish, we’ll also get a little insight into key factors that played into his success on the water. Oddly enough, even though we’re meeting up with the guys in the winter time, the fish behaved as if we were fishing summertime patterns! Tune in and see how Clark and Wade figure out the fish using Garmin Electronics to their advantage!

To close out this show Clark’s son-in-law, Michael Wersig, will join him for some late January fishing here on Fayette County. They start off fishing an offshore area using crankbaits early on and reel in three good lookin’ keepers. Not one to stay in the same area for very long, Clark moves up to a shallow pocket of the lake surrounded by lots of thick timber all around. According to Clark, the bait to throw at this time of year in this type of shallow cover is a wacky worm, specifically, a Strike King Ocho 5″. The guys hang around in the area for a good while catching more and more solid keepers. To finish their day, Clark and Michael once again moved back offshore and switched to crankbaits, and stirred up an unbelievable flurry of fish!

Lastly, we’ll be treated to a final throwback to one of Clark’s favorite memories here on Fayette County Reservoir, when he reeled in not just one, but TWO giant keepers on the same bait!