Fishing For Largemouth Bass With The PROS

This week on Americana Outdoors presented by Garmin, we’re hitting the water with professional bass fishing legends straight out of Texas as they show us their tips and tricks for catching largemouth bass! To kick things off, we’re meeting up with Clark Wendlandt and Keith Combs on Choke Canyon reservoir.

We’re hitting Choke at a bit of an odd time. With the lake in between waves of spawners and the first major cold front of the season passing through, the best way to describe the fish is scattered, meaning Clark and Keith have to work a little harder to figure out where the fish are hiding and what will trigger a bite. While the early half of the day mostly consisted of reeling in smaller bass, the water temperatures warmed up ever so slightly in the afternoon, and they stumbled upon an area with fish ready to bite when Clark stirred up a flurry!

By the end of Clark and Keith’s first day on the water, we see just how important it is to understand weather and water conditions, along with knowing which bait and hook combos to throw at the right time. We also know that line choice is equally as important to our success on the water, and we’ll get a special inside look into what Clark’s line of choice is when it comes to crankbait fishing.

As anyone who spends an ample amount of time outdoors and on the water knows, what works to make the fish bite one day may become completely uninteresting to them the next. On day two of Clark and Keith fishing together, and with an almost thirty degree air temperature increase and warmer waters, we’ll see a dramatic change in what triggers fish to bite!

Up next we’re hoping over to the waters of Lake Fairfield with Clark Wendlandt and Frank Talley. Just as we’ve seen earlier in the show, Clark and Frank are also fishing in cold weather with water temperatures in the high forties. The fish are lethargic, and the guys are pulling out all the stops to figure out how they need to position themselves to have the best chances of reeling ‘em in. One tool they’re using to gather information and to best figure out what’s happening below their boat is Garmin Livescope. Not long after Clark and Frank discuss the benefits of using Garmin Livescope, we’ll have the chance to see a fish react on screen, and you won’t want to miss out on the monster of a bass Clark reels in!

To wrap up fishing with the pro’s, we’ll also get some insider scoop on why the pro’s choose certain colors of baits, and their preferences when it comes to selecting rods for jerkbait fishing. Take it from these seasoned vets, a pro’s approach to finding and catching fish is all about using their gear to its fullest potential, and constantly thinking about what else they can use to their advantage to do better than their last cast. Pay attention to the weather conditions, learn how fish behave in different water temperatures and know what phase of the spawn they’re in, throw a lot of baits, and have a lot of fun!