Fishing Line and Tying Knots for Fishing

With the advancements in today’s technology and amount of research that goes into developing new products, there are now a wide range of fishing lines on the market today. Each one serves its own particular purpose. One is best suited for crankbaits. Another line may work best with topwaters, and some other line could be best for fishing thick vegetation. On this episode, we go into detail about particular fishing lines and introduce you to a few knots to use with those lines.

Monofilament, fluorocarbon and braid, those are the three types of Sunline fishing line an angler can choose from. Monofilament floats. This makes it great for throwing topwater baits. Fluorocarbon sinks. Fluorocarbon is the ideal line for fishing just about every presentation minus topwater. Lastly, there’s braid. Braid is designed for those situations when you’re fishing around thick cover. Host Wade Middleton will go into great detail about each line, explaining when, where, and how to apply it to your fishing needs.

The second main item of discussion are knots. Sunline offers a wide library of knots on their website that includes instructional photos and videos to help you tie some of the most popular knots out there. Tune in as we incorporate some of those educational items in the show to demonstrate how to tie particular knots.