Fishing The Ice and Bass Fishing in the Spring

This week on Americana Outdoors, we’re revisiting some exciting ice fishing trips and reminiscing on all of the fun that can be had while fishing over a frozen lake! If you don’t know any better, Ice fishing sounds like a good way to just end up with frozen hands and a runny nose. While that can and does happen, ice fishing is more like having a really cold picnic with friends, that just happens to take place in below freezing temperatures!

Our first trip we’ll be looking back on is the time when Wade’s good friend Steve Pennaz, who is an expert on all things ice fishing, convinced him to leave the warm Texas waters and travel up north for his first experience with ice fishing in Minnesota! We’ll see just how incredible and addicting ice fishing can be when Wade makes his first catch through a drilled hole that’s no bigger than the size of a dinner plate! As Wade continues his first day of ice fishing, he’s taken back to the first time he ever caught his first blue gill fish as a kid. The same excitement he felt catching that first blue gill as a kid is the same excitement he’s feeling fifty years later catching a blue gill while ice fishing. Before the day is over Wade is already looking forward to his future return to the ice!

Up next we’ll continue our ice fishing adventures by checking out what it’s like to fish out of a wheelhouse! There are times during ice fishing outings when it’s just too cold to sit outside. Many anglers have taken to fishing from permanent or portable shelters with propane heaters inside to keep warm. This was the case when we accompanied our Garmin team on another ice fishing expedition, and the first day of fishing saw a wind chill of negative forty degrees! Brrr! One of the new advances in ice fishing is the development of Garmin’s Panoptix™ Ice Fishing Bundle. This kit, with the addition of Livescope™, gives anglers so much more clarity to see what’s down below. The image is so clear, they can make out what species of fish are below just by referencing their screen! The next day, the weather had warmed up to a comfortable six degrees, which gave our team the opportunity to get outside, drill some holes, and enjoy the great outdoors!

In closing, always make sure you’re safe and prepared.  Sitting on a frozen lake and staring down a hole the size of a dinner plate may not sound like fun to those who haven’t tried it, however we promise you ice fishing can be incredibly rewarding, and it’s an activity that helps many anglers up north get through the long winters.  Mix in the Garmin Livescope and it’s one of the most exciting ways to fish!

To wrap up this show, we’re thawing out and migrating south like a duck for some spring time fishing at the famous Lake Amistad! Wade Middleton and Jeff Reynolds have met up to enjoy a simple and relaxed day of fishing. Of course, between these two, there’s no such thing as, “easy-going” fishing, and the guys keep a tally throughout the day to see who comes out victorious. By the time we join them, the guys have already been out on the water for several hours, and the current standings have both anglers with 8 fish apiece, so it’s safe to say fishing is pretty good so far. Back and forth they reel fish in, but who will reel in enough fish to edge out the other? Tune in and find out!