Game Changers In Hunting From Thompson Center and TenPoint Crossbows

We’re hitting the fields and taking a look at newly developed game changing products from Thompson Center and TenPoint Crossbows! While these two companies have made extraordinary contributions to the hunting scene in starkly different manners, they have one thing in common: Their endless dedication to revamping their tried and true platforms which gives outdoorsmen across the board the opportunity to enhance their hunting experience! In today’s show we’ll dive deep into learning all about Thompson Centers brand new T/C Compass® II, the second generation of their tried and true original T/C Compass® model. We’ll also be taking a look at two revolutionary crossbows that TenPoint has developed, the Vapor RS470 and the Vengent S440! These two crossbows also come standard with the AcuSlide, which gives hunters the ability to safely and silently cock and de-cock their bows without any fear of losing control.

To kick things off, we’re joining Wade Middleton for his first hunt with the T/C Compass® II in a Muddy blind overlooking a pond site. This blind provides the perfect opportunity for the best vantage point, and ability to see everything in front of you and around you. Anytime Wade has brought us to this location, we never know what we’re in store for, but one thing’s for certain: we’ve always been treated to a plentiful amount of deer. This time turns out to be no exception. Before Wade knows it, a rather unique and rare buck walks out from the edge line of the trees. What makes this buck a unique one, is the fact that he’s still in velvet well into October! This unique feature, which results in male bucks earning the title of “stag,” can sometimes happen due to birth defects or low testosterone in deer. Whatever the case may be for this buck, Wade describes him as one of the coolest deer he’s ever seen! As this hunt took place so close to when Thompson Center first developed the new T/C Compass® II, it’s quite possible we’re witnessing the first ever hunt with this incredibly robust new rifle!