Garmin Xero and BIG Whitetails

This week on Americana Outdoors Presented by Garmin, we’re bringing you exclusive coverage of the brand new Xero A1i Pro bow sight from Garmin, and later, we’re joining Wade Middleton high up in a tree stand as he tests out the Garmin Xero X1i crossbow scope, equipped on top of a TenPoint Vapor RS 470!  To kick things off, we’re getting into the history of how Garmin has upgraded their unrivaled Xero bow sights over the years!

As Wade will tell us, when it comes to technology, “there’s few companies that can rival what Garmin has done.” Starting with the revolutionary Xero A1i compound bow sight, Garmin has continued to introduce game changing sights to the Xero family over the years. Most recently, they debuted the Garmin Xero X1i crossbow scope to expand the accessibility to Xero technology to crossbow hunters, and now they’ve upgraded the compound bow sight with the latest edition of the A1i Pro bow sight. Along with the many upgrades this new bow sight features, the A1i Pro comes equipped with upgraded user interfaces that make set up a breeze, and has the ability to automatically calculate your entire pin stack once you’ve dialed in your 20 yard pin! The only thing this amazing new bow sight can’t do is control your nerves. You still have to practice, you still have to hit those anchor points, and you’ve got to be in charge of that moment, and if you can do that, you’re going to hit exactly where you’re aiming. To learn more about the entire lineup of Garmin Xero bow sights, visit

Now that we’ve learned a little bit about the Garmin Xero bow sights, we’re joining Brandon Brinkman out in the field for an early morning turkey hunt as he puts his Xero A1i Pro to use and gives us the first look at how this revolutionary sight performs under pressure. He doesn’t have to sit for long before a flock of rio’s make their grand entrance. As he sits back and observes this vocal group of turkeys, one mature tom strays off from the flock and makes his way closer and closer to Brandon. Tune in and see just how close this turkey gets and if he ends up giving Brandon a shot opportunity!

To round out Brandon’s time at deer camp with us, he’s giving us a full walk through of how to set up and sight in the Xero A1i Pro bow sight from Garmin. Over the course of the demonstration, we’ll see how to set up your twenty yard pin, how to align the reticle, and get an inside look at the upgraded graphics displays that make setting up your bow sight a simple process!

Last but not least, we’re meeting up with Wade Middleton in Central Texas during opening weekend for hunting season. He’s bringing his TenPoint Vapor RS 470 equipped with a Garmin Xero X1i Crossbow Scope high up in a tree stand with the hopes of harvesting a big whitetail buck. True to Texas form, Wade is faced with warm weather in the low eighties, with sunny skies and wind gusts of 15-20mph. After spending some time practicing ranging and shooting the TenPoint Vapor RS 470 paired with the Garmin Xero X1i Crossbow scope at the range, this marks the first weekend Wade has had a chance to take this deadly combo to the field. After patiently waiting for the perfect buck to show, an eight point emerges from the edge of the brush line. Tune in and witness how this pairing of the TenPoint Vapor RS 470 and the Garmin Xero X1i crossbow scope perform together!