Garmin Xero Hunt: Hunting with it for the First Time

This is Yamaha’s Steve Nessl’s first year shooting the Garmin Xero. He’s super stoked to be hunting with it and really happy to finally have the Garmin Xero on his bow. It’s helped him to be a better bow shot by just alerting him on what he needs to do to improve his shot just in target practicing and preparing for bow season.

“I’ve really grown to love it, to be honest. It’s elevated my game, I hope. And if it hasn’t, it’s not because of the piece of equipment, it’s because of me. It’s been fun to learn how to use and I look forward to using it. I can’t imagine even going backward.” – Steve Nessl

Steve is going after a velvet whitetail in Kentucky and sitting up in a ladder stand where he’ll have to put everything that he has learned to the test.

Garmin Xero Bow A1 Sight:
Garmin Xero Bow A1i Sight: