The Gear for Deer Season

Today on Cabela’s Deer Gear TV we highlight some key products you’ll need for the upcoming deer season. We’ll share insight on a new product for helping you sight in your rifle, we’ll share tips on aging deer, join the winner of the Performance Centers deer hunting give away, we’ll smoke venison sausage, provide information on how to use a Purina Quickdraw block to help you see more deer on your scouting camera. We’ll also learn more about Engels softside cooler lineup and show you how to provide more water to your deer herd. That’s all in this episode of Deer GearTV. Thanks for watching DeerGear TV!

Deer Gear is all about exploring the new and useful products in the outdoor world that will help you become a better hunter. Every episode of Cabela’s DeerGearTV offers insight into new products for deer hunters, how to choose a hunting rifle, what to do when deer hunting, how to deer hunt, what to wear when deer hunting and insight in tactics for deer hunting.