Gear for Hunting

In this episode of Cabela’s Deer Gear TV we’re debuting some new gear for the coming hunting season. From what’s in Wade’s backpack that you will want to add to yours, to a brand new way of hunting that’s providing more options for those going afield.

Have you wondered what you should have in your backpack, every time you go out on a hunt? Are you carrying too much, or too little? In this episode we dive into Wade’s backpack and see the gear that he packs into his backpack at the start of the season, so he can take it out into the field every time he goes out in search of a whitetail.

Also in the show, our friends at Garmin recently launched the Garmin Tread, a rugged power sports GPS navigator. Brandon Brinkman from Garmin was in our camp during a turkey hunt, and was able to get out and showcase just some of the features of the all-new Garmin Tread.

As hunters, we get a lot of steps in during hunting season, which means it’s important to take care of your feet and give them the comfort and support they need throughout the hunt. We’ll take a look at some hunting boots that not only are GORE-TEX but are enforced by material from BF Goodrich.

Later on in the episode we turn our attention to crossbows for a quick minute. With crossbows becoming as popular as they are, there are lots of new, powerful, and innovative models out there. One thing you see, are reverse draw crossbows. But what’s the difference between a reverse draw crossbow and a traditional forward draw crossbow? Find out!

So with crossbows being more powerful than ever, you need a crossbow target that can handle those high speeds without the bolts going through or getting stuck. Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s carry such a target that can handle the high-speeds from today’s modern crossbow, and we got our hands on one!

The main feature of our episode is a new way of hunting game, and that’s with an airbow! Michael Wersig introduces us to some airbows from Umarex Airguns.

One final piece of gear that’s found its way into our deer camp, are the Exude Direct Light Illuminators. These long distance Illuminators by Optical Dynamics combine specially engineered precision lenses with powerful LEDs to project a harmonized, focused beam of pure light on your target. Optical Dynamics light projection technology creates a tight, focusable column of pure harmonized light, typically only found in the natural environment. Optical Dynamics long distance illuminators are compact, lightweight, and easy to handle or mount onto a scope.

If you have any questions about any of the products featured in this episode, shoot us an email at Thanks for watching!