How The Pros Setup Electronics On Their Bass Boat For Success

This week on Americana Outdoors presented by Garmin, we’ll be meeting up with some of the top dogs in the bass fishing world as they give us insight into how they like to set up their Garmin Electronics to give them the best advantage on the water, and, watch them reel in some giants along the way!

We’ll kick the morning off with Bassmaster Classic winner Alton Jones at Fayette County Reservoir where he’s using his Garmin Livescope™ for fishing shallow waters. Right from the start, we’ll see how he uses Livescope™ to find vegetation and specific sweet spots where fish like to hang around. As Alton will tell us, “You need to learn how to use Livescope™ to determine the mood of the fish, which will tell you what baits you need to throw, and how you need to work those baits, in order to trigger those strikes.” Throughout our time on the water with Alton he’ll also give us some great tips about how he likes to set up his Garmin Electronics to give him an advantage on the water, from utilizing short cut keys, to creating waypoints to keep track of his past success, and current success in locating fish on this very lake. By the end of the day, Alton will have reeled in a ton of large fish, all thanks to the Garmin Livescope™.

Next up we’ll round out our time at Fayette County Reservoir with pro angler Tom Redington, where we’ll get more insight into how we can best take advantage of Garmin Livescope™, and increase our chances of finding those big fish. As Redington says, “Now with Livescope™, I see the fish, or I see the target, every single cast. I’m efficient, I’m always casting right to them. It has totally changed the game where you’re not just throwing into space, you’re throwing at a fish all the time. Livescope™, it’s revolutionary.” While we’re with Tom, we’ll learn how to set up our depth shading on the screens, and how to create waypoints to make ourselves more efficient anglers. Just like with Alton, by the end of the day, Tom will have reeled in several large fish, and as far as Livescope™ is concerned, you just have to get out on the water and try it out for yourself!