Hunting Adventures

This week on Americana Outdoors, we’re bringing you coverage of the Performance Center Texas Whitetail Hunt Sweepstakes, where our lucky winner will be presented with his very own Performance Center four sixty XVR, and have a chance to hunt for a Texas Whitetail!  But first, we’re at deer camp with TenPoint Crossbows’ Brian Flaherty, who’s here to introduce the latest innovations coming out from TenPoint Crossbows.

TenPoint Crossbows is recognized across the board as setting the industry standard for crossbow hunting technology, engineering, and performance, and they are fearless when it comes to enhancing their products. Now, they’re debuting three new crossbows with features that continue to blow the competition out of the water. Starting with the new TenPoint Vapor RS470, this crossbow measures 6.5” wide axle to axle, 31” in length, weighing in at 8lbs, and shoots up to 470fps, making it the fastest crossbow on the market today. The TenPoint Viper S400 is their shortest forward-draw crossbow they’ve yet to produce, measuring at just 32” in length, and shoots up to 400fps. Last but not least, the new TenPoint Vengent S440 is their fastest and narrowest forward-draw crossbow they’ve ever created. Each of these new crossbows also come equipped with their new AcuSlide technology, which allows for the safe and silent cocking and de-cocking of your crossbow! We’ll be joining Brian on a hunt where he’s using the TenPoint Viper S400, and a special aspect to this hunt is this marks his first chance at taking a whitetail buck. We’ll have a chance to see how this robust crossbow performs against one of the tough Texas whitetails!

Up next, we’re at deer camp with Patrick Moore, this years lucky winner of the Performance Center Texas Whitetail Hunt Sweepstakes! Last year, Tony Miele and Wade had the idea to start a Facebook contest to win a Texas Whitetail Hunt as a way to give back to, and connect with, the loyal Smith and Wesson Performance Center customers.  Along with the exciting opportunity to take part in a once in a lifetime hunt, the contest winner also receives their very own Performance Center 460XVR. We’ll also have a chance to hear a little insight from Tony into how Performance Center features enhance your hunting experience. Before heading out to the field, Patrick takes time to get familiar with his new 460XVR at the gun range. After dialing it in, our team feels confident in pulling off a good shot come hunting time. On his first afternoon out, he’s treated to a plethora of magnificent Texas wildlife, and even sees three great 8point opportunities. However, these guys are still pretty young, so Patrick decides to pass on them and give them a chance to mature for a few more years. As we roll into day two, Patrick is treated to more incredible wildlife sightings, and this time, some pretty impressive axis enter the scene. As with any hunting outing, you should always expect the unexpected, and these axis deer are presenting the chance to throw a little twist into this Texas Whitetail Hunt!

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