Hunting Impala in South Africa

This week on Americana Outdoors, we’re revisiting our trip of a lifetime and bringing you more exciting action from our safari adventures in the Limpopo Province of South Africa!  This time, it’s all about the highly sought after African Impala, and the encounters three of our team members experienced during their stay.

As we kick off this third installment of our South Africa adventures, we’re heading into the field on a traditional spot and stalk with Steve Nessl, led by Dale Sorour as our professional hunting guide, with Wade Middleton on the camera. The moment this trio steps off the truck, they’re greeted by a symphony of impala roars. Everywhere they turn there’s impala zipping around them, stomping across the field, and sounding off with loud snorts and grunts. Sit after sit, and stalk after stalk, Steve is able to get up on the sticks to set up for a shot, but none of these rams are willing to give up a good shot opportunity. Even though Steve doesn’t get a shot on one of these impressive impala his first time out, the experience of witnessing impalas in the peak of the rut was truly unforgettable and mesmerizing. And, there’s still plenty of days left to hunt here in South Africa!

Up next, we’re joining Shelley Giesecke on her first ever hunting experience! While her husband Kevin has frequently hunted with us in the past and films much of the exciting content you see, (including this debut hunt!), Shelley has never had a chance to step out into the field until now. With this in mind, the first order of business is heading out to the gun range to sight in the T/C Compass rifle she’ll be using to get familiar with her gear. After just two shots, she’s ready to head out to the field! Shelley and her husband Kevin get set up in a pop up blind, with Pieter Grobler as her guide. Once in the stand, Pieter gives her the run down for what she needs to do when an impala enters the scene. It’s not long before they see their first ram come into the pop up window, and now it’s just a matter of getting that perfect shot placement!

It’s Wade’s turn to head out in search of an impala, and he’s traveling deep into the thick of the South African bush to set up in a hunting site that he’s wanted to experience for a long time. For years and years, it’s been a dream to sit down in a hide over a watering hole like you would typically see in Africa, and it’s finally become a reality. He’s bringing along one of this favorite firearms to hunt with, the powerful Performance Center 460XVR topped with a Trijicon RMR red dot sight. It doesn’t take long before an unsuspecting impala positions himself perfectly in front of the window of the hide. Let’s see how the Performance Center 460XVR performs against this beautiful impala!

Three days after his first attempt at hunting impala, Steve is taking on the role of hunter and camera man for his last day of hunting opportunities! Using one of our trusty Garmin Virbs, he’s venturing out on a solo mission with his expert hunting guide, Dale, with the goal of taking a shot on one of these impressive impalas, which have thus far eluded him in his South Africa adventures. Over the next few hours, Steve and Dale sit at a shack and wait for an impala to arrive. Just as Steve is ready to move to a new location, Dale spots a large ram at the watering hole! With a successful shot, this final impala is the cherry on top of a great collection of diverse African wildlife to bring back to the states, and what an incredible way to wrap up this dream hunting get-away!