Hunting Rio Grande Turkeys With Clark Wendlandt And Michael Wersig

We’re joining Clark Wendlandt in the field with his trusty T/C Encore® Pro Hunter™ Turkey model shotgun. For this hunt, Clark is taking an aggressive approach and covering as much ground as possible with the hopes of calling in a mature bird. As we follow Clark along the many winding paths, we see a lot of turkeys, and hear a lot of turkeys, but never quite get the chance to take one. True to turkey form, the turkey out-wit our team and live to gobble another day.  Never one to give up, Clark and Michael return to the field the next day, this time in a location that looks promising.  On this second day of turkey hunting, we’ll witness a great display of teamwork between Clark and Michael, as Michael has to convince Clark to listen to him and make a risky position change to get a good shot on one of these birds. Moving along, it’s Michaels turn to get a turkey and for Clark to step behind the camera. Michael follows the same approach Clark used, and aggressively moves on these turkeys. Call after call, Michael sounds off at these turkeys and the turkeys gobble back at him. However, these turkeys don’t make Michaels mission easy, and he busts a few along his way. As he comes upon the last location he was going to try, finally, a turkey emerges from the brush and presents a perfect shot opportunity.