Hunting Turkeys and Catchin’ Bass with Clark Wendlandt and Brandon Palaniuk

On this episode of Fishing and Hunting Texas, Clark Wendlandt is teaming up with fellow Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Brandon Palaniuk to compete in one of his favorite tournaments, the Yamaha Turkey Bass Smash! This high-stakes, winner-takes-all competition is something Clark looks forward to all year long, as it kicks off the beginning of turkey season, and it’s when fish are bedding and spawning. With Brandon as his teammate, this is guaranteed to be an unforgettable event!

To kick things off, we’ll head into the field with Clark and Brandon before the sun rises to get an early start on these birds. To Clark’s disappointment, no matter how much they called they never heard back from any turkeys. From that point on, Clark made the executive decision that he and Brandon would be trekking through the woods in search of these turkeys. Following this run ’n gun style of turkey hunting, the guys covered hundreds of miles around the property, largely thanks to the Yamaha Wolverine RMAX2 1000 XT-R. After diligently searching out turkeys for a few hours, Clark and Brandon finally come across their first encounter with a group of strutting turkeys! Even though they don’t get a shot off on any of these birds, it’s the closest they’ve gotten to any turkeys so far, and with plenty of hours of daylight left, they’re not out of the race yet!

As the day comes to an end Clark and Brandon close in on yet another roost, and with a little more patience, Brandon puts one of these birds on the ground! In an exciting turn of events, Team Wendlandt’s bird edges out Team Middleton for the lead heading into day two!

On the second day of the Yamaha Turkey Bass Smash, Clark and Brandon enter with a comfortable lead, but anything can happen in this competition. The morning starts off slow for all of our competitors, but by the time 10am rolls around, the guys find themselves over a school of fish and stir up a flurry! Before they know it they’ve reached their limit and begin culling early in the game! As the day winds down, Clark and Brandon reflect on what an incredible experience it’s been hunting and fishing together. Tune in and find out if they were able to seal the deal and earn the title of Yamaha Turkey Bass Smash Champions!