Hunting with the Thompson/Center Compass II Rifle

In this episode of Cabela’s Deer Gear TV, we debut the new Thompson/Center Compass II Rifle, take an in-depth look at all the features packed into it, and we showcase our experience with it in the field. We’ve been field testing the Thompson/Center Compass II for the last few months and when you look at the proven performer that the Thompson/Center Compass already is, at the price point that you can purchase it at, with the variety of calibers that it comes in, it’s a model of rifle that I think anybody that likes to hunt should put one of these into their safe, into their closet, wherever they’re going to store it, and then they’re going to want to get out in the field with, time and time again, because it’s going to perform in the rugged mountains, the flat deserts, cold weather, up in a deer stand, in a pop-up blind, it’s just a proven performer that’s accurate, dependable, rugged, and it’s not going to break the bank.